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Nigeria: The Impending Catastrophy, By Kayode Esan

July 8, 2022

I fear the predictions we've been hearing are real and present dangers. I suspect there'll be no election at all the way things are going. Come to think about it: who in his right sense will carry ballot box into any of these Northern and Eastern states? If the presidential advance security team is attacked, NDA ransacked and officers killed/kidnapped,  who will protect INEC officials? I suspect the Fulani bandits will overrun Aso Rock and numerous strategic locations in the country with impunity. Once that is done, Nija don become Islamic Republic Nigeristan like Afghanistan: who born monkey? Next thing they'll be telling all men is to keep long beard, all women above 18 will have to quit office work and school to become housewife.  These are real and possible dangers,  don't just sit under the fan and say it's not possible.  Are you the one to stop it? If we don't pray, plan and repel these invaders now (if it's not too late) this is indeed the calm before the storm. We all know there's something coming, If you don't know that then I'm sorry your head is stuck too deep into the ground. Like Jesus said,  "Pray your flight is not in winter or your wife is not pregnant." 
Before I used to joined the chorus of 'get your PVC'. But today I'm saying: 'Get your PVC: 
- Protection, 
- Victuals & 
- Communication:
- *Protection* : anything to defend and protect your family and neighbourhood, if at all possible.
- *Victuals* : Food, WATER, medication, etc. Get a lot. A time will come your millions in cash or bank won't have meaning. Stock up NOW!
- *Communication* : Listen, the first thing these invaders will do if switch off your internet.   Without powerful radios that can pick BBC world service or a gps phone,  you lose contact with outside world totally. People become blindsided, unable to unite to fight or pass information across.  This has been done many times in Africa and trust me, these invading Fulani bandits will do it. They may just block all numbers of Southern Nigeria or switch off Internet in the south only. Paul Biya did this in Cameroon.
If you think I'm a doom-monger,   hellooo, wake up, the doom is all around us already. Unless we pray through,  I fear there's no escaping this impending tragedy. If Taliban did it and got away with it in Afghanistan and Putin is getting away with it in Russia, who will stop a armed Fulani bandits? UK? USA? All your so called leaders have their exit routes and plan B well laid out. Afghan leaders were all gone before the Taliban entered Kabul. If you can't exit that contraption before end of the year, ensure you get your 'PVC'. If you think I'm talking about voting card, it's too late for you.
*©Kayode Esan*