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Nigerian Democracy Is Government Of The Party, For The Party – Pastor Chris Okotie Calls For ‘Interim’ Leadership In 2023

The cleric said Nigeria’s challenges would be solved if he was given a chance to head an interim government after Buhari.

The founder of the Household of God Church, Lagos State, Pastor Chris Okotie, has said Nigeria will break up if he is not considered to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari after the end of the tenure in May 2023.
The cleric said Nigeria’s challenges would be solved if he was given a chance to head an interim government after Buhari.


He said this in an interview with Daily Sun, adding that the current political system in Nigeria, including the National Assembly, state assemblies and other government structures must be disassembled for the country to move forward.

He said, "We are at a juncture in our political evolution that it becomes logical and the next step to take. The presidential system of government that we have been operating for so many years now has failed woefully.
"We redefined democracy to be the government of the party by the party for the party. To that extent, they excluded Nigerians from the entire process and that is why things have degenerated to the level that we see today.
"To bring democracy back to the people; to re-establish the parameters in which we operate as a federalism, to rekindle brotherhood, to avoid war, segregation, the interim government is the only next logical step to take.”
He further stated that what he is, "proposing is inspiring a conversation in the country where all our people begin to talk about the problem that we face right now. When those conversations have been collated, I will send them as a transcript to the president and to the National Assembly so that they can energise the process that can lead to a transition, not from a regime to a regime, but from this regime to an interim government because Nigeria should be fixed."
In June, SaharaReporters had reported that Okotie appealed to all the presidential candidates in the 2023 election to withdraw for him to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari
He had said that he was the "right person to right the wrongs in the country."
He had urged the candidates of the ruling All Progressives Congress and Labour Party, Bola Tinubu and Peter Obi respectively, and others to step down for him and support him so he could do the job required to correct the wrongs in the country.