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How Nigeria Police Officers Brutalised, Extorted N55,000 From Me In Broad Daylight –Lagos Resident

Oluwatosin said some policemen stopped him on his way to Abule Egba and searched but saw nothing incriminating in his car.

A Twitter user, named Oluwatosin has narrated how he was allegedly brutalised and physically assaulted by officers of Nigeria Police in Agege, Lagos State on Sunday.


Oluwatosin said some policemen stopped him on his way to Abule Egba and searched but saw nothing incriminating in his car.


He said despite that the policemen took him to Agege Abattoir Station and forced him to admit to being a criminal. He further alleged that fifty-five thousand, four hundred naira (N55,400) was extorted from him by the police.

He said, "Then they insisted they wanted my particulars in which I showed them. Then they forcefully wanted to collect my phone, I refused and insisted that I won’t let them have it, that I know the law and it says no policeman should ask for any citizen’s phone only on rare cases (which was said by @Princemoye1) and that’s after several investigations had been done.

"Then they slapped me repeatedly and kicked me after explaining the law to them, and punched me on my face. One threatened to shoot me if I didn't let go of my phone.

"Afterwards they forcefully collected my key from me and one of them drove the car into the station (Agege abattoir station) two other policemen dragged me on the floor into the station.

"Then the one that drove the car opened my dashboard locker and collected fifty thousand naira (N50,000) cash I had in my car with some other additional money which was up to five thousand four hundred naira (N5,400) in the car.

"Then the two policemen that were forcefully dragging into the station asked me to open my bank app, and while being dragged and ‘rough handled’ (manhandled) in the station, he then started writing statements for me, they refused to allow me to write my own statement.

“He then started beating me up again and took off my clothes and asked me to carry a placard in making a video of me saying that I’m a criminal, that they should lock me up.

"Then he asked me to bring two hundred thousand naira (N200,000) to bail myself. I told him that I don’t have such money on me, he didn’t believe me, that was when they started beating me, in which I opened my bank app for them, so when they saw that I had only 7k (N7,000) in my account, one of them now said “make we allow am dey go, shebi we don see money for inside his car already.



"That was when they now returned my car key and my cloth to me, they now ordered me to leave the station and not say a word to anyone else they would come back looking for me, so I left the station.”

"If this could happen during daylight publicly, what then guarantees my safety at night. Since the people that sworn to protect us are now the ones intimidating and publicly humiliating us. I fear for the fate of every youth out there.

“Woe to @LagosPoliceNG, this is the greatest height of shamelessness," he lamented.

Meanwhile, all efforts to get the reaction of the Lagos State Police Command concerning Oluwatosin's allegations and what was being done about them were unsuccessful. The spokesperson for the command, Benjamin Hundeyin did not answer his calls from SaharaReporters. He also did not reply to a text message sent to him.