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Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack: Baba Alagbado ‘Tinubu’ Should Sacrifice Himself To Free Nigerians In Captivity, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

There’s no doubt that our security architecture has been compromised by the incompetent service chiefs who enrich themselves through the bloodbath in Nigeria.

Nigeria is battling different diagnostic diseases that have affected the most sensitive parts of the body. Citizens are internally weak and helpless with a bunch of problems confronting them on a daily basis.
Our dignity has been sold to politicians, which is why hunger and poverty have now been deliberately weaponised by the same politicians who emptied our patrimony.


Insecurity in Nigeria under Dictator Muhammadu Buhari has become a nightmare. Thousands of innocent Nigerians have been kidnapped, and our roads have become a free war zone where terrorists accomplish their missions.

There’s no doubt that our security architecture has been compromised by the incompetent service chiefs who enrich themselves through the bloodbath in Nigeria. The Nigerian government has no sympathy for any Nigerian killed by these cowardly terrorists.
The importance of technology cannot be overemphasised and developed countries have taken advantage of it by being able to track criminals down to minimise the rate of crime in their countries. Nigeria, which claims to be the Giant of Africa, is the direct opposite of these developed countries. The country has been faced with terrorism for over a decade, yet appears totally helpless, as if complicit in the crimes.
Our security agencies, especially the self-styled Department of State Service [DSS] have failed woefully to apprehend these terrorists. This shows that DSS is either incompetent, complicit or bereft of ideas to track down these terror groups to make them face the wrath of the law for their heinous crimes against humanity. The DSS does nothing these days except chase placard-carrying protesters about, whilst terrorists walk freely about.
I was shocked as tears rolled over my chest after I watched a video clip of how these cowardly terrorists humiliated innocent people they abducted from the Abuja-Kaduna train. Meanwhile, the dictator in power is unmoved and unconcerned watching the people he swore to protect being killed and humiliated by these bloodthirsty terrorists. Never before have we seen the degree of insensitivity being exhibited by dictator Buhari.
The All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Amuda Sangodele, a.k.a Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the self-acclaimed democrat who has always imposed his wishes on the people at all times should prove to Nigerians that he rules this country by using all the available networks to secure the lives of innocent citizens who are currently under the captivity of terrorists. He should do this within 74 hours!
The former governor, Mr Sangodele made claims on national television that Lagos State under his watch was a safe haven. And if Mr Sangodele can curb crimes in Lagos State, as he so claims, he should use his “experience” as a former governor to secure the lives of the abductees from various terror dens.
As the 2023 general elections are moving closer, Nigerians need to exclude themselves from all religious and political sentiments to be able to free themselves from these afflictions. For a long time, criminal politicians have devised religion and ethnicity to divide oppressed and gullible people. We must not fall for this going into the upcoming elections.
Baba Alagbado should sacrifice himself for the country if he loves Nigeria as he claims. He should use all his available networks to secure the victims from the grips of terrorists or make himself available to them in exchange for the captives’ freedom. This man is, in fact, responsible for up to 50% of the problems we are facing after his support for dictator Buhari in 2015 and 2019. Known for his unquenchable thirst for deception, he claimed that the tyrant was a “converted democrat” and several other lies he told at the time.
Nigeria cannot be a great nation if citizens are not ready to take their destiny into their hands and admit to the mistakes made in electing disastrous people without ideas to occupy sensitive positions in the country. We cannot reinforce our mistake by electing those who are worse than the one who is presently inflicting us with untold affliction.
Obviously, our leaders – I was going to say cruel rulers, have failed woefully. And we cannot continue to pretend as if everything is well. It is about time to face the consequences of our actions and inactions by electing the right people into all positions in 2023.