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How Children of APC Presidential Candidate, Tinubu Acquired US Properties Worth Millions Of Dollars In Cash Despite No Known Sources Of Income

Aged 32 and 30 respectively, Zainab and Habibat Tinubu, graduated in Boston’s Berklee College in 2013 and have no verifiable work to earn such funds they used to acquire the properties.

Zainab Abisola Tinubu and Habibat Oyindamola Tinubu, two children of the Presidential Candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu have properties in the United States of America worth millions of dollars.

Aged 32 and 30 respectively, Zainab and Habibat Tinubu, graduated in Boston’s Berklee College in 2013 and have no verifiable work to earn such funds they used to acquire the properties.


The property documents show that Zainab Abisola acquired a deluxe condo at 55, Berry Street, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11249 for $2,150,000 in 2014 when she was 25 years. Her sister, Habibat acquired a deluxe apartment at 255 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013 for $2,400,000 when she was 22 years and all the transactions were paid for in cash.


David Hundeyin in a report published by West Africa Weekly, said that Habibat, a fresh graduate of music at the time of acquisition of her own property.

Full and upfront cash payments were made and there was no mortgage, even though the children had no known source of income.

The APC presidential candidate has been enmeshed in allegations of financial fraud which he was yet to come clean about.

It would be hard to explain how children who barely after graduating from college and with no work or means of income acquired real estate property with the outright payment of millions of dollars in cash, not even through a mortgage.


SaharaReporters reported in September 2008 how U.S. federal agents successfully linked Tinubu to drug trafficking ring in Chicago.


It reported that Tinubu may have been involved in a white heroin trafficking network which operated in Chicago and some parts of Indiana, which was led by one Adegboyega Mueez Akande between 1988 and 1993. The source of the white heroine was identified as one Mr. Lee Andrew Edwards who was incarcerated for attempting to murder a federal agent while the agent was executing a search warrant on him.


According to the Verified Complaint for forfeiture in case No. 93 C 4483 obtained by SaharaReporters, which was filed on July 26, 1993 before the Hon. Judge Nordberg of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, the United States Government urged the Court to order the forfeiture of funds in accounts Nos. 263226700 held by First Heritage Bank in the name of Bola Tinubu.

Also ordered for forfeiture were funds in accounts 39483134, 39483396, 4650279566, 00400220, 39936404 and 39936383 held by Citibank N.A in the name of Bola Tinubu and funds in accounts 52050-89451952,52050-89451952, 52050-89451953 held by Citibank in the name of Bola Tinubu as there was probable cause to believe that the funds in the accounts represented proceeds of narcotics trafficking or were monies involved in financial transactions in violations of 18 U.S.C, sections 1956 and 1957 and therefore, was forfeitable to the U.S. Government.


However, in a tacit defence of the ownership of the funds, Tinubu averred in Court that the funds belonged to himself, his wife, K. O. Tinubu and his surrogate mother, Alhaja Mogaji and warranted that they had the exclusive right, title and interest to the funds.


In an affidavit sworn to by Kevin Moss, a Special Agent with the United States Internal Revenue Service, criminal investigation division in support of the verified complaint for forfeiture of Bola Tinubu’s monies held in various Bank accounts, the agent gave a vivid account of how he came to the conclusion that the funds were proceeds of narcotics transaction in violation of the U.S. law.


Mr. Moss averred that prior to and during 1988; the government became involved in the investigation of a white heroin trafficking network operating in Chicago, Illinois and Hammond, Indiana.

The investigation disclosed that an individual known as Lee Andrew Edwards was a source of white heroin.

The government sources provided information about Lee Andrew Edwards including the identity of a telephone number which was activated in the electronic pager.

This pager according to him was to be called to place an order for white heroin. According to Mr. Moss, this pager was subscribed to by one Adegboyega Mueez Akande, who at that time was a resident of Chicago.

Mr. Moss further averred that in February 1988, an individual named Abiodun Agbele arrived in the U.S. from Nigeria and during an investigation by the government, Agbele disclosed that Akande was his uncle who provided him with an apartment in Hammond, Indiana.

According to Agbele, Mr. Akande returned to Nigeria in1990; however, before he left, he instructed Agbele to serve as a source of white heroin for Mr. Lee Andrew Edwards as a result of which Agbele sold white heroin for Lee Andrew Edwards on numerous occasions.

Following a tip-off, Agbele sold one ounce of white heroin to a law enforcement agent undercover on November 28, 1990, for $7,000 and was subsequently arrested.

After his arrest, Agbele agreed to cooperate with the law enforcement agents regarding the white heroin distribution and network of Akande.

According to Agbele, Akande controlled the operation of white heroin from Nigeria in conjunction with other individuals in Nigeria and the U.S. One other individual who worked with Akande according to the affidavit was identified as Bola Tinubu who later became the governor of Lagos state from 1999 to 2007, and now bidding to be Nigeria’s President in 2023 after emerging as the candidate of the ruling APC.

The investigation also revealed that in December 1989, Akande took Bola Tinubu to First Heritage Bank where Bola Tinubu opened an individual money market.

In the account opening application, Tinubu gave his address as 7504 South Stewart, Chicago, the same address used previously by Akande and his company, Globe-Link. This is the same address used as the drop-off point for packages from Nigeria that contained the white heroin.

According to bank records, Bola Tinubu also opened a joint checking account in his name and the name of his wife, Oluremi Tinubu. Mrs. Tinubu had previously opened a joint bank account also in the same bank with Abdrey Akande, the wife of the heroin kingpin, Adegboyega Mueez Akande.

Upon opening the account, Tinubu deposited the sum of $1,000 in traveler’s check. However, five days after opening the account, specifically, on January 4, 1990, Tinubu deposited the sum of $80,000 into the account.

Meanwhile, in a credit application dated January 6, 1990, Bola Tinubu had disclosed that he resided at 7504 South Stewart and that Mueez A. Akande was his cousin. Tinubu further stated that he was an employee of Mobil Oil Nigeria Limited, Fairfax, Virginia and his take-home pay was $2,400 per month.

Tinubu stated on the application that he had no other sources of income and listed his wife, Oluremi Tinubu as a co-applicant for the application for an automobile loan.

Tinubu later made lots of deposits into the accounts which his take-home pay at Mobil failed to justify. 


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