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EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Chief Of Air Staff Sadique, Ruling APC Recruit ‘1000 Militants, Political Thugs’ Ahead Of Bauchi Governorship Election


The move is part of the former Air Force Chief and the APC's electioneering strategies to win the 2023 governorship election in the state.

The All Progressives Congress (APC), and its governorship candidate in Bauchi State, Air Marshal Abubakar Sadique, have recruited 1,000 militants and political thugs ahead of the 2023 election in the state, a security signal seen by SaharaReporters has shown.


The move is part of the former Air Force Chief and the APC's electioneering strategies to win the 2023 governorship election in the state.


According to a colonel in the army, who spoke on condition of anonymity, Sadique and APC had recruited “over 1000 foot soldiers with arms to destabilise parts of the state perceived as opposition’s stronghold.”


“It has been a scary situation in Bauchi state since Sadique Abubakar won the APC ticket. 


“There have been sponsored crime and criminality in the state. We have received so many security reports on this issue. Even some of his party members are scared of him.”


An APC member stated that the party is now at the mercy of Sadique as he imposed himself on the party through threats and blackmail of those he perceived as a stumbling block to his governorship ambition. 


“I can tell you that what happened in Bauchi state is a case of imposition through threats. The former chief of air staff exhibited a high level of desperation and is willing to crush anyone that stands in his way. Some of the boys he trained and armed while in office brandished sophisticated weapons at the slightest opportunity, even in the full glare of security operatives,” he said.


One of the defeated aspirants said his life was at stake as he constantly received death threats from people suspected to be on the payroll of the former Chief of Air Staff. 


"What happened during the primaries is a case of oppression. I was threatened and harassed physically and psychologically. My family was threatened, my businesses were attacked, and they were categorical in their request; step down or die. This was the case in Bauchi state as we speak, Sadique does not entertain dialogue, and he brags about it. It was obvious that he had the backing of some very powerful persons in government.


“He is a tyrant who is worse than the devil in his modus operandi. Who are you to stand in the way of Abubakar Sadique? Unless you want to go to your grave early. I am tempted to believe he must have been a covert supporter and sponsor of the Boko Haram terrorist. Since he won the primaries, Bauchi state has not had peace. Whatever he decrees happens. The level of confidence exhibited by these bandits is alarming. Some of them even accompany him on his visits to communities on campaigns. Strangely, any area where he does not get warm reception always gets attacked by bandits.



“Unfortunately, most of the happenings in the state go unreported. The number of politically motivated killings is alarming. Thanks to Abubakar Sadique and his band of vagabonds,” he said. 


The senior military officer added that President Muhammadu Buhari should caution Sadique before the situation would get worse.


“I can bet Nigerians don’t know who Abubakar Sadique is. Behind the meek appearance is a terror. With what I have seen in Bauchi state, I now believe why the Boko Haram war could not end while he was Chief of Air Staff. This is what Nigerians do not know and might never know unless through divine intervention,” he added.


A prominent stakeholder of the APC in the state said, “What we have in Bauchi at the moment is not a candidate but a tormentor. But what can we do when he has the backing of some stakeholders in Abuja, who are not aware of his nefarious activities? They have been compromised and left us in the state to face our fate. 


“This is quite ironic and what we have been subjected to by the APC. The political and religious elites are not left out of this anomaly. This is quite sad,” he said.


Efforts to reach Sadique were not successful as his mobile line repeatedly failed to connect. 


Adamu Jallah, APC Publicity Secretary in Bauchi State did not answer nor return calls to his mobile line. 

A text message sent to his mobile number had not been replied to at the time of filing this report.