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Structures Of Supposed Big Parties Are Meant For Transactions, Not To Benefit Nigerians—AAC Presidential Candidate, Sowore

August 28, 2022

According to Sowore, the so-called big political structures are there to add to the misery visited on Nigerians by years of misgovernance. 

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has said the political structures of the so-called big parties are not there to improve the lives of Nigerians.

Sowore in an interview on Arise TV on Sunday said the political structures touted as big in Nigeria are all designed for transactions. 

“I want to correct the impression that our structures are not as strong as that of any candidate. Some of the things that I was saying in 2019 have become the singsong of new participants now that the Nigerian political structure is touted as big structure but they are all structures that were designed for transactions," he said. 

According to Sowore, the so-called big political structures are there to add to the misery visited on Nigerians by years of misgovernance. 

"Now everybody has been saying that the structures I have been talking about since 2019 are now evolving on their own, prompted by the desire of the people. And so many of the structures you are now talking about on TV are the structures that we have built," he said. 

Sowore said the structures of the AAC were responsible for the #RevolutionNow protest in 2019 which eventually led to his arrest by the Department of State Services (DSS). 

He continued, “Since 2019, I was the only candidate that said the only thing that can make me go into an alliance is if people subscribe to a revolutionary solution to Nigeria's problems. I was mocked and I walked out of the alliance talks and went to work, travelled all over this country and after the election ended, it was the same structures that they said we didn’t have that propelled the first #RevolutionNow protest across the country, that led to my arrest. 

“These same structures stood around on the streets, everywhere to advocate against police brutality that led to #EndSARS. 

“We never stopped, I’m not saying we should take credit for what happened during all those upheavals but our structures stayed on the streets; our structure has been campaigning and advocating. 

“Our structure may not have the kind of big money and influence of people who are afraid that if our structure becomes the mainstream structure, that will propel the political process and they will lose out. 

"So that anger that we have built over the last four years is being directed somewhere else where they feel they have political control but our structures have not been affected; they are intact and our structures are going to bring about the revolutionary change. I hate to use the word change; it has been bastardised by the APC government but the revolutionary process that we have always asked for, will bring an end to the misery of this country because the people of Nigeria deserve better. And nothing but the organic structures that have been on the ground, that logically oppose the flip-flapping structures of the major political parties can solve the problem. 

“The structures are there and you are going to see them at work because they are not the kind of structures that can be compromised, they are organic and they are not structures for show. They are structures for substance and you are going to see them be at work.”

He stressed that the structure may not have the kind of money other political parties have, but according to him, the structure is clean and effective. 

“We may not have the big money that is thrown into the political process at this time but the little we have and we keep calling for the support of Nigerian people and masses like we did in 2019 to ask for support and people donated to our campaign. We will still do the same but it is more important for us to keep our structures clean, compact and effective than to throw out structures that will deceive you into another cul-de-sac for the next four years if they take another four years from us. We can’t even imagine where Nigeria will be; that’s very important,” he added.