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How Nigerian High Commission Officials Connive With Kenyan Police To Extort Money From Nigerians In Kenya

Nigerian High Commission Kenya
September 7, 2022

Kenya police has several times been accused of extorting foreigners and subjecting them to inhumane treatment in violation of international human rights treaties. 

Nigerians have accused some staff of the country's High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya, of conniving with the Kenyan police, to extort nationals living in the East African country. 
Kenya police has several times been accused of extorting foreigners and subjecting them to inhumane treatment in violation of international human rights treaties. 
SaharaReporters had reported that the Kenyan police were allegedly carrying out targeted killings and enforced disappearance of Nigerian nationals living in the country.
However, the Nigeria High Commission in Nairobi has denied the accusation, noting that there was no killing of Nigerians or enforced disappearances.
But contrary to the Commission's defence, some Nigerian nationals living in the East African country stated otherwise.
A Nigerian who is based Mombasa, Anthony Anamonye, told SaharaReporters how the commission illegally recruited one Celestine who is based in Nairobi, to defraud the Nigerians on behalf of the commission. 
Anamonye explained that the said Celestine has been instrumental in defrauding Nigerians who visit the High Commission for passport renewal and police related issues. 
“The pseudo staff is being delegated by the High Commission to carry out frauds and when Nigerians raise alarm, the High Commission counters it with the claim that Celestine is only a volunteer worker and as such, cannot be held liable for any losses incurred,” he disclosed. 
"The acclaimed volunteer worker negotiates on behalf of the Nigerian High Commission, Kenya Police and Nigerians whenever Nigerians living in Kenya are illegally detained by police,” he added.   
He queried whether "Agbero" now runs the affairs of Nigeria's High Commission, adding that the said Celestine makes huge returns to the cabals at the High Commission on daily basis and enjoys immunity.
He accused the Commission of being an accomplice to all "we go through in Kenya," adding, "that's why Kenyan police have the impunity to arrest Nigerians right from the plane at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Police Headquarters. They are aware that the High Commission will send its errand boy to negotiate the release of those innocent Nigerians with valid visas who are compelled to pay through their noses, after which, the proceeds are shared evenly among the Kenyan police officers, the Cabals at the High Commission, and the fake staff of the High Commission." 
Another Nigerian, Adegoke Samuel, while collaborating Anamonye, said, “It is treasonable, scandalous and disheartening when those on mission to serve the Nigerian nationals in Kenya relegate their duties to an errand boy who has no portfolio at the High Commission or known by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja." 
He accused the High Commission of profiling Nigerians as Yahoo Boys while giving Kenya police an impression that every young Nigerian is into internet fraud yahoo, a blackmail strategy of the High Commission. 
"This makes the business with the police lucrative and smooth. Our High Commission must stop profiling us. Crime is crime. It has no nationality or colour. How can the High Commission allow a non-staff to operate at the High Commission and even represents the Commission on official duties? 
"We are tired of non-diplomatic supported procedures. If this errand boy must be allowed to operate at the high Commission, then include his name in the payroll of the Commission."
Another Nigerian, Emeka Ezeogo, told SaharaReporters that the said Celestine is now seen as more relevant than the High Commissioner himself. 
All the Nigerian nationals who spoke to SaharaReporters called on the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama to immediately weigh into the issues raised and address it once and for all. 
"Save the High Commission or in alternative shut it down completely," they insisted.
They described the High Commission as citadel of fraudsters and empire of liars where staffs only work for their personal pockets. "They have destroyed our High Commission and must be held accountable. We will no longer tolerate this diplomatic illegality."
They regretted that when President Muhammadu Buhari alongside Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama and Abike Dabiri-Erewa paid a visit to Kenya in May 2022, efforts they made to bring these aberrations to their attention was frustrated by the High Commission.