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How Fulani Herdsmen Killing Us In Benue Were Sponsored By Governor Ortom, Senator Suswam, Other Politicians – Activist

September 26, 2022

“This good-for-nothing militia members, were once thugs, recruited by the old political actors in the state to help eliminate their rivals to win elections."

A Benue State resident and human rights’ activist, Awunah Pius Terwase, has stated that the Fulani herdsmen ravaging communities in the state were allegedly created by Governor Samuel Ortom and other political leaders.

He noted that the governor and other serving lawmakers in the state allegedly allowed the herdsmen to silence their rivals during the electioneering period, adding that the group started to attack innocent dwellers of the state because they were abandoned by the politicians after the election.

The activist made this known in a statement he made available to SaharaReporters on Monday.

He said, “The problems we are facing in Benue State including the attacks and killings of our people by the Fulani herdsmen, have been created by the selfish and corrupt political actors in the state, namely: Senator Suswam, Senator Akume, Governor Ortom, Dr. Ayu, Senator Gemade, Senator Akaagerger, Mr. Mzenda Iho and other old politicians in the state.

“It is true that a part from the attacks and killings of people in the state by herdsmen, members of a militia group who are the indigenes of BENUE State and precisely Tiv by tribe, have been equally attacking and killing their own fellow Tiv in the state.

“This good-for-nothing militia members, were once thugs, recruited by the old political actors in the state to help eliminate their rivals to win elections.

“It is not news that the late Terwase Agwaza, who was popularly known as Gana, headed the militia group in question before his assassination by the military. The activities of members of this group got out of hand after being abandoned by these corrupt and selfish political actors who once recruited and used them to achieve their devilish plans.

“One of the obvious proofs to confirm my claim is the assassination of Terkula Suswam by the same members of the militia group. Don't forget that the late Terkula was the elder brother to Senator Suswam who equally used members of the same group and abandoned them.

“They wanted to eliminate Suswam but in absence of Senator Suswam, they took the life of his elder brother since the elder brother was one of the pillars supporting Senator Suswam to succeed in his political game.

“All the above mentioned political actors in my story and more are guilty and responsible to all our problems in the state. This is not the first time I am writing about their ways that are under developing the state.

“They have succeeded in bringing disunity among the people and that alone is making herdsmen to succeed in their day to day attacks and killings of our people in the state. Instead of being united to fight for a common goal, they are busy causing disunity, exposing secret to the enemies of the state and so on in order to gain more political favour, influence and power for their own personal benefits.

“Of what use is their power and influence if they cannot prevent or stop the invaders from killing their people and destroying their property? 

“Governor Ortom who always claim to be fighting to defend the people of BENUE, at the same time could not pay their salaries and still blame the Federal Government under the leadership of President Buhari that is good for nothing and don't care about what happens in the state. Those working in Ortom's Oracle Farm Business and other personal businesses belonging to him, get their salaries as when due but workers with state institutions cannot get their salaries. Ortom's personal businesses are growing but the state owned institutions are diminishing on daily basis.

“There are a lot to do in the state and generate income to address some issues but Governor Ortom and other Governors that lack ideas and don't take advise, are always relying on the Federal Government to send the allocations to them to embezzle.

“In almost eight years of Governor Ortom, he is not aware that the fruits in Benue State alone can bring unimaginable revenue if the state government can establish a factory to take care of the production of these fruits into juice and market same within and outside the state. These same fruits waste year in year out. Dogs, birds, cats and other animals always eat the ones they can eat and leave the rest to waste. What a shame.

“Also, BENUE State has Two federal universities, a state university and other higher institutions of learning that attract people from different states to Benue State, the governor is not aware that the state government can provide houses to accommodate those who may need accommodation and the money generated from there can help address some issues. I can go on and on.”

“I am calling on the good people of Benue to wake up and do the needful. Senator Suswam, Senator Gemade, Governor Ortom and other old political actors in the state are failures and the problems we have in BENUE State. They have ruled us for years but we are still poor, the enemies are still killing us, our state is not developing and they have turned our brothers against us to attack and kill us as if our experience in the hands of herdsmen is not enough,” he added.