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Some Presidential Candidates Cannot Declare Their Assets Like I Did Because They Don’t Know Their Locations Or How To Compile Them — Sowore

September 29, 2022

Sowore made this known in an interview session with Arise TV, adding that being able to swiftly declare his assets showed he had nothing to hide.

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, has said that some of his co-contestants cannot publicly declare their assets, three months after he had declared his because most of them did not know where the properties were located.
Sowore made this known in an interview session with Arise TV, adding that being able to swiftly declare his assets showed he had nothing to hide.
The AAC candidate was responding to one of the anchors who asked him why he thought declaring his phones was part of the assets he owned.
Sowore said, “You are talking about my Galaxy phones as something that is not an asset. It is because you are used to people who steal and use assets that they didn't work for. I work for my Galaxy and iPhone that is about a million naira; you can't claim that it is not an asset. You can't claim that a bicycle is not an asset.

“Any asset that you can use for any financial transaction; if I want to borrow money from you and you are not sure that I will pay you back; you can ask me to drop my iPhone. It becomes an asset in that regard because I can use it for collateral and it is also to let you know that you don't have to own half of Nigeria to be happy or be a good person.” 
The AAC presidential candidate further explained that declaring his assets within a short time said much about his integrity and how he had spent his whole life for the past 51 years.
He continued: “That is why I am glad that I declared my asset within 10 minutes after I saw on Twitter that SERAP (Socio-economic Rights and Accountability Project) was requesting presidential candidates to declare their assets. The other candidates since three months I declared my assets have not been able to declare their assets because some of them do not even know where their assets were located or where to compile their assets.
“That shows to you that in my 51 years on earth, I have never stolen anyone’s properties. I have never tried to own what doesn't belong to me. But that doesn't make me a lesser human being to those who own half of Nigeria, private jets because they are not happier than me. Instead, they are depriving citizens of Nigeria of their own entitlements.”
Recall that Sowore had publicly declared his assets in July.
A civic organisation, SERAP, had challenged the activist to publish details of his assets and to publicly commit to rejecting vote-buying and electoral bribery before and during the elections.
“Dear ‪@YeleSowore‬ Ahead of the February 2023 presidential election, we're again calling on you to show leadership by urgently publishing details of your assets and publicly rejecting vote-buying and electoral bribery before and during the elections,” SERAP had tweeted.
Responding, Sowore, had said he had two cars, and a house in his hometown in Ondo State worth N5million among other assets.
He had added that he had never operated any offshore account(s) nor worked with a tax haven to hide any asset.
“I have 2 used cars: a Toyota Camry & Lexus RX 350, a home in my village worth maybe N5m, three iPhones, a Galaxy Note 10 Lite (if you could call those assets), SaharaReporters Media Group (don’t know the worth as of today), a four bedroom bungalow in New Jersey & nothing more,” Sowore said.
“The Federal government of Nigeria froze my bank accounts since 2019 after I was arrested over ‪#RevolutionNow‬ protest on August 3rd 2019. A ‪@gtbank‬ account I operated in Nigeria had N4,800 left in before my arrest, I managed to open a ‪ @kudabankhelp‬ with N463.00 as of this evening.
“I reject vote-buying on or before 2023 election date. I also recently opened a ‪@capitalone‬ US bank account that has in it about $300, I have a ‪@ZenithBank‬ campaign account for the ‪#Sowore2023‬ Presidential account. I have nothing more besides financial support that I occasionally get from friends and family (if those count as assets).
“I have never operated any offshore account(s) or worked with a tax haven to hide my assets. These are the assets I have in my entire life.”