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2023: North Won’t Repeat Mistake Of Voting Along Ethnic, Religious Lines Like In 2015 –Coalition Of Northern Groups

October 3, 2022

A Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has decried the incompetent and disastrous administration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government which they had brought upon themselves by voting along religious and ethnic lines in the 2015 presidential election.


The group advised the northern electorate to shun divisive, political party propaganda and empty promises of politicians that they would never keep.

It said the region will not vote along ethnic lines as it did in 2015.


The spokesman for the coalition, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, who stated this on Sunday in Kaduna State at a sensitisation conference, said the era of voting with sentiments rather than voting credible leadership was over, Channels TV reports.


He said, "If the prize of voting along religious, ethnic or sectional sentiments is to become the most wretched, the most distressed, divided and most deprived, the north must therefore sincerely begin to ask itself if that price is worth paying."


Tagged “Politics of Sentiment, a Critical Factor militating Development and Democracy in Nigeria," Suleiman regretted that those the northerners trusted with power have inadvertently isolated the region politically, economically, and socially as a result of which the once potent and progressive region is today begging not only for food but for a place in the nation’s future political arrangement.


The CNG spokesman berated greedy politicians for misusing their offices at the expense of the Nigerian people.


“The CNG is today urging you to be less reliant on divisive political party propaganda and empty promises that have never and will never be kept,” he said.


According to him, the northern region closed ranks for the first time and voted for leaders in 2015, with the hope that they would tackle security and fix the economy.


Regretting that the region made a mistake then, he lamented that the leaders trusted with power neglected the northern people.