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AAC Presidential Candidate, Sowore Promises To Change Fraudulent 1999 Constitution, Abolish Nigerian Senate

October 4, 2022

He also promised to abolish the nation's Upper legislative chamber, as Nigeria is poor to keep running bicameral Legislative arms.


The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore, has said he will change the 1999 constitution to reflect the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians, describing the current constitution as a fraudulent document.

He also promised to abolish the nation's Upper legislative chamber, as Nigeria is poor to keep running bicameral Legislative arms.

"If you asked me, we will abolish the Senate because we don't need bicameral legislative arms. We cannot afford it, but that means we have to change our constitution."

Sowore, who expressed strong support for a restructured Nigeria where issues of national questions would be addressed permanently, said "I have also said that those who are asking for restructuring are also asking for a lot of things to change in the constitution."

He added, "As soon as we win, we go to a constitutional Conference where we change Nigerian constitution" and we would subject it to referendum. Let Nigerians adopt a new constitution because the constitution as it is now is a fraudulent document created by the military. We didn't create it but they put our name there and our signature - we the people of Nigeria. We are not there when they created this fraudulent constitution."

The AAC presidential candidate had through his, campaign spokesman, Onyinye-Gandhi Chukwunyere, stated that the AAC would launch an ambitious national infrastructure development programme to tackle “looming economic collapse.”'

In a statement issued on that, Sowore categorically stated, “As campaigns for the 2023 elections officially commence, the AAC wishes to inform the Nigerian people that we are now engaged in a struggle for the total liberation of our country. As a mass-based party in the country today with structures and programmes inspired by the struggles and aspirations of our people, we boldly assure them that we are absolutely committed to partnering with them to build a nation worthy of their sacrifices.

“To this end, our party and our presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore, have carefully drawn up transformative programmes intended to decisively pull the country from the brink and administer it for the security and prosperity of our people.

“First, we intend to tackle the looming economic collapse by launching the most ambitious national infrastructure development programme since independence. This will immediately put millions of our people back to work, earning a decent wage while building the foundations of our new economy.

“We’ll cleanse the rot in the power sector and light up Nigeria. Providing constant electricity will stimulate other productive forces within the economy while also unleashing the creative potential of our people. The direct effect will be unprecedented economic growth, poverty reduction, and a measurable rise in living standards.

“We’ll leverage technology to drive the economy and spur growth in all sectors. We’ll immediately improve access to funding for small businesses, and also take immediate steps to strengthen local manufacturing so that we can produce most of what we use.

“We’ll drive a technological revolution in Agriculture to enhance output, attain food sufficiency, and improve the farm-to-factory model so that we can retain more value by exporting finished products instead of raw materials. We’ll eradicate hunger from our land.”