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David Hundeyin & Reuben Abati, By Adeola Soetan

David Hundeyin & Reuben Abati By Adeola Soetan
November 16, 2022

Kudos to Reuben Abati for asking David Hundeyin vital questions and my commendation to Hundeyin for responding adequately as a young courageous thorough investigative journalist.


The media must always promote public discourse where all must be heard. Free Media, Free Society. 


This is the kind of digging up and follow-up scandalous story that investigative journalists in the mould of the late Dele Giwa, (former) Bayo Onanuga & Co. used to do in their heyday as reputable journalists.


Sowore's SaharaReporters was the first to publish Tinubu's drug scandal some years back. This revelation by SR put paid to the fake allegation and propaganda that Sowore was collecting money from Tinubu. 


Many years after SR's publication, the (defunct) Compass Newspaper in which I wrote a weekly column on Food Security (pro bono) and owned by Gbenga Daniel then in PDP (now in APC) published the full details of the narcotic scandal. After the publication, Tinubu's lawyers wrote the paper demanding a retraction and an apology within 7 days or the newspaper would be sued for libel and defamation of character.


After receiving the court threat from Tinubu's lawyers, Compass gave a succinct reply: "We stand by our story". You know what? The newspaper published a follow-up concluding story on the heroin scandal. Tinubu's lawyers cowardly retreated without going to court thereby denying the nation and citizens an opportunity to witness an interesting legal battle. I think the lawyers were wise and Tinubu was wiser.


Assignment: David Hundeyin on Arise News today has encouraged citizens to google and read the whole document about the scandal which is written in simple English language to educate ourselves further for our informed position. You don't need to be a lawyer to be well informed by reading and you don't need to be a lawyer to be stupid.

Adeola Soetan