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2023 Election: Why I Didn't Adopt System Of Holding Rallies Unlike Others—AAC Presidential Candidate, Sowore

November 23, 2022

Sowore faulted the system, saying it is a way of hiring crowds who do not belong to any political parties.

Omoyele Sowore, the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress has explained why he did not adopt a rally system like other presidential candidates.

During an interview session with ICIR, Sowore faulted the system, saying it is a way of hiring crowds who do not belong to any political parties.

He also noted that the typical structure used to determine the strength of a contestant in the Nigerian political environment is transactional and does not really represent the true wish of the people.

He said, “In 2018/2019 when I first ran, I was confronted with the same question, where is your structure? And I said it then, including the people who now call themselves 'Obidients' that when people are ready for a fundamental change, they will form a structure that will procure that change or revolutionary change and that has now become accepted largely.

“What hasn't been accepted is the fact that people can beat the odds with raw will. Nigerians are still doubtful about the ability to change things.”

He noted that people in some South American countries have been voting for candidates who would traditionally be said to have no structures.

He alleged that parties like the ruling All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) rent the same set of people to hold their rallies.

He continued: “The structures you are talking about with regard to the other party, they are transactional structures. They have no legitimacy; that is why depending on where you go, you can rent the same crowd to do rallies for you, the same rallies.

“The people who rally for APC, when the PDP people show up are the same people who put up uniforms and go and do rally. These rallies are echo chambers. As journalists, I don't know anyone of you who ever followed the rally and said I actually heard what the president said.

“You bring in comedians, singers and then you wave and then you leave and then start releasing pictures and videos to the public; it is the reason why I did not adopt the rally system this time around. And I will do everything I can to reach out to people, let them understand what they are losing by being misled all the time.”