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Find Us A President, By Evans Ufeli Esq

FIND US A PRESIDENT  ~ By Evans Ufeli Esq
November 27, 2022

Find us a President to find us a country,

That country we lost to saboteurs who wreck motherland,

When they devalued the people,

the currency, the economy,

and countryhood is left gasping for breath,

Wading into irreversible recession,

Drowning the hope and aspirations of the youths,

Who stood by, unemployed, out of school and out of hope,

Hoping against hope and time.

Time was when there was a country in this space,

And so I ask, where is that country?


Find us a President to find that country,

That country we had in the days of yore,

We have a buffer in that history,

That history of our heroes past,

When our country was truly a country,

When the naira was stronger that the dollar,

When Caucasian travel down here to seek for greener pastures,

Teaching in our colleges and working with the railways authority,

When a university degree opened all doors,

When we manufactured all we consumed and exported all our leftovers,

When we fought as one as our brothers' keepers.

Where is that country ?


Find us a country to trace our groundnut pyramids,

The cocoa production,

Palm fruits plantation,

Timber resources,

That bountiful harvest that follows every attempt to keep a farm.

That farm we called second home,

Where we stayed over till dusk,

That farm where the produce of yam barns overflowed to the road,

Where we " gor ifeijioku " with chicken laps swimming in the pot of pepper soup yam,

When the aroma of uda seed arrests the forest with a far-reaching pronouncement.

Where is that country?


Find us a country with true men,

The men with a resolve to write Nigeria to productivity, 

Not thieves and corrupted entities,

Not vote merchants,

Not weaklings,

Not broilers!

Only the resolute,

The obsessive,

The ones who crave for a country,

A country I can bequeath to Misheal and Elsie and bade them goodbye while I away into Elysium 


Find us a President and leave us to find the rest,

To find self,

That self that was crushed by a visionless government,

Lost out of a story,

A story of a blind nation,

Weakened by the wicked,

In darkness and sweat we declined to pain,

That pain the brought us shame,

The shame we wore around our necks ,

Leaving below our potential,

That potential we hung around our waist, staggering our life's to bandits,

Losing our minds to horror,


Find us a President,

For if we fail to find our lives through this phase,

For you who will sell your tomorrow for pittance,

So you collect money and sell your future,

When will you learn to stay out of your flesh

The next eight years is all we've got,

Can you stand for this?

Can you stand for something?

Can you be the truth or stand by it?

Can you be the role model?

Look at you country,

Are you proud of it?

Are you proud of yourself,

The children of your loins,

The color of your life,

Can you stand it?

Find us a President.



Evans Ufeli Esq is a Lawyer based in Lagos