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The Kung Fu First Lady And Muhammed Adamu, By Achike Chude

December 1, 2022



Sometimes you don't know when the media, whether traditional or online, are mis-yarning.


Now they are saying some unbelievable things about our first lady, Aisha Buhari - all because of a Tweet from one Muhammed Adamu.


I mean, how can anyone believe that the President's wife Aisha Buhari is guilty of practicing ji jutsi or Kung Fu on a small boy of twenty-three years? It's like a well-dressed gentleman coming out of his car to engage a danfo driver in a roforofo fight at Ojuelegba under-bridge. Even if that man in his foolishness decides to confront the conductor in fisticuffs, he should at least make sure that he wins. It will be double jeopardy for one jaguda conductor to embarrass him in his suit and tie after descending so low to humiliate himself in the first instance.


To suggest that our first lady is now practicing her fighting skills on a small boy while in detention is difficult to believe. Surely she cannot descend to that level of exchanging blows with someone old enough to be her son twice over. Luckily it would appear that she was the only one allowed to beat the rude boy up while he was being held by the security people. We have to assume that, because the security men were there to protect her and not the boy. It wouldn't have been funny if the boy had suddenly lost his head momentarily and landed a blow on our first lady. I would not have found it funny oo.


But even at that, reports all over the place are saying that she was the one that aggressed the boy and she was the one that got injured. I blame the security people present for not properly positioning Aminu Muhammed Adamu to allow our first lady beat him as much as she wanted. I just don't trust them enough. Perhaps they moved Adamu slightly away the moment the first lady leapt high in the air to give him her special knockout kick and she now landed awkwardly and fractured her leg. The security people must be investigated.


But truly speaking, how can anyone expect me to believe that our suave, sophisticated, and refined-looking first lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a violent person? She just doesn't show it in her manners, speech, and carriage. To also allege that she instigated the DSS or police to lock Adamu up ad infinitum while administering different types of torture on his frail body is horrendous and most despicable. The first impulse is to disbelieve it, except that so many people and media outlets are all reporting the story. But most important is the fact that it has not been denied by the police, DSS or government.


How low can our country fall? Governors are arresting and detaining people for criticizing them. Local government chairmen are flexing muscles. VIOs, LASTMA, and Special Task Forces are all combining to make life hellish for us. Even non-state actors are all in on it as terrorists, bandits and unknown gunmen are also doing their own.


Now the wife of the president is said to be involved in the unlawful and unwholesome activity of illegal detention and torture of a citizen of this country for defaming her.


No matter what Muhammed Adamu has done, there is a provision in the laws of our country to deal with people like him who make unfounded claims that are capable of undermining a person's credibility and reputation. The courts remain the acceptable place to take the accuser to to prove his allegations or, failing to do that, he is sufficiently punished for defamation and for sundry accusations levelled against him.


Many people have called out the First lady over the ongoing detention and torture of Muhammed Adamu. We hope that some of the elements in this story are not true. It is illegal to keep somebody in detention without following the legal process. Torture is itself both a domestic and international crime. Those perpetrating it are opening themselves up for the offence of human rights violation.


The first lady Aisha, while naturally being offended by Adamu's accusation of her eating Nigeria's money in relation to her present physical size (he posted a picture to that effect), should realise that we have had first ladies in this country who had to face more severe abuses and diatribes than the present insult. None of them responded in this manner. She should show more restraint and maturity in how she handles negative reactions to her person. After all, while many Nigerians might not like her, there are also those who like her.


Muhammed Adamu should be released immediately.


And meanwhile, no more Ji Jutsi or Kung Fu kicks.


We all don dey old small-small.


Including the first lady.