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UK Top Lawyer Says Former Buckingham Palace Aide, Lady Hussey Also Questioned His Ethnicity Amid Racism Row

December 1, 2022

The former chief crown prosecutor for the North West was at Buckingham Palace this week with Ngozi Fulani when she was questioned about her ethnicity by Lady Hussey.


A top UK lawyer, Nazir Afzal has said that Lady Susan Hussey also questioned him about his heritage at the same event where she asked a black charity boss if she came from Africa.

The former chief crown prosecutor for the North West was at Buckingham Palace this week with Ngozi Fulani when she was questioned about her ethnicity by Lady Hussey.

SaharaReporters had also reported that the Buckingham Palace aide, Lady Hussey resigned on Wednesday amid controversy over what was described as “unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments” made to a Black charity leader at the Queen Consort’s reception.

It was gathered that the founder of Britain’s leading domestic abuse charity for Black women, Fulani, said she was left “traumatised” after she was asked racially offensive questions about her heritage at the event.

Mr Afzal who also said he had a similar experience, narrated on Twitter, "I was at the Buckingham Palace reception at which Lady Hussey questioned the heritage of a brilliant DV expert Ngozi Fulani. She only asked me my heritage once & seemed to accept my answer - Manchester currently!”

Ngozi Fulani stated that neither the King, Queen Consort, nor Prince William contacted her to apologise. But she said she would be 'pleased' to accept the Royal Family's invitation to meet to discuss what happened when Lady Susan Hussey refused to believe she was British and asked her 'about 7 or 8 times': 'Where are you really from?'

'I was stood next to two other women - black women - and she (Lady Susan) just made a beeline for me, and she took my locks and moved it out of the way so that she could see my name badge,' she said of the 'interrogation.' That is not acceptable. I wouldn't put my hands in someone's hair, and it's not culturally acceptable.'

Lady Hussey's swift departure from the royal household has already overshadowed the Prince and Princess of Wales' three-day visit to the US - viewed as their most important ever.

Ms Fulani, chief executive of charity Sistah Space, denied Buckingham Palace's claims they had spoken to her yesterday.

"I don't know where that has come from. Nobody has reached out to me or the charity. I'm telling you categorically - we have not heard from the palace," she disclosed.

BBC royal reporter Jonny Dymond said that Lady Hussey had been 'collateral damage' as the royals face claims of institutional racism and damaging allegations that a senior royal made comments about the colour of Archie's skin.

Professor Arianne Chernock, a historian from Boston University, said William and Kate cannot remain silent any longer.

She said: 'It would not be in their interests to ignore this issue. They have tried in the past to make very brief statements and then move on.

'I think they need to make some sort of statement as the Prince and Princess of Wales – not their handlers'.

Ms Fulani was clear that her treatment by the late Queen's lady-in-waiting was down to racism, not her age.

Lady Susan Hussey, the Prince of Wales's 83-year-old godmother, resigned from the household and apologised after asking Ms Fulani.

Ms Fulani told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'Let us be clear what this is.

“I've heard so many suggestions it's about her age and stuff like that. And I think that's a kind of a disrespect about ageism. Are we saying that because of your age you can't be racist or you can't be inappropriate?

“If you invite people to an event, as I said, against domestic abuse, and there are people there from different demographics, I don't see the relevance of whether I'm British or not British. You're trying to make me unwelcome in my own space.”

"Although it's not physical violence, it is abuse," she said.