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British Lawmakers Want Harry, Meghan Stripped Of Titles For ‘Attacking' Royal Family In Netflix Docuseries

December 9, 2022

Opperman said the 'very troubled couple' are a 'sad state of affairs', adding that he will refuse to watch their docuseries, which will reputedly earn them $100 million.

United Kingdom Employment Minister Guy Opperman, has branded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'utterly irrelevant' to Britain and urged the country to boycott Netflix over their docuseries “Harry and Meghan”.

Opperman said the 'very troubled couple' are a 'sad state of affairs', adding that he will refuse to watch their docuseries, which will reputedly earn them $100 million.

Appearing on BBC Question Time last night, he said: “They are utterly irrelevant to this country and the progress of this country and the royal family that we all, I believe, support.”


He added: “I don't think it has a fundamental impact on the Royal Family. I certainly won't be watching it. I would urge everyone to boycott Netflix and make sure that we actually focus on the things that matter.”

Tory Member of Parliament for Sussex, Tim Loughton also demanded that the couple should lose their titles due to their 'lack of respect' for the Royal Family and the UK, according to Daily Mail.

“I am ashamed that this deeply embarrassing couple bear the title of our great county.”

After the first three episodes began streaming this, and three more to come next Thursday, Loughton said: “As a Member of Parliament for a Sussex constituency and having been born in Sussex and lived most of my life here.. it is time to take the title back from someone so clearly lacking any respect.”


Meghan and Harry have been accused of trying to 'bring down the monarchy' with their Netflix docu-series, which attacks the Royal Family.

The former Suits star was also accused of showing disrespect to the Queen when she thought Harry was 'joking' when he asked her to curtsey for his grandmother before doing an exaggerated bow on screen that also left her husband looking less than impressed.

Conservative MP for Workington, Mark Jenkinson, tweeted after seeing the clip: 'The ultimate betrayal. And he just sits and watches'.

Fellow Conservative MP Bob Seely told MailOnline he is tabling a Private Members' Bill that would give the Privy Council power to downgrade their status by adapting the 1917 Titles Deprivation Act, which was used against aristocrats who sided with the Germans during the First and Second World War.

The Isle of Wight MP said the couple were 'monetising' their titles with 'aggressive' and 'unbelievable' attacks on the Royal Family and Britain.  Backbench Bills rarely become law, but Mr Seely said presenting the proposals to the House will be 'a start'.


It comes as the couple's bombshell Netflix documentary has been accused of attacking the late Queen's legacy after branding the Commonwealth 'Empire 2.0'.

The association of nations, much-loved by Her Majesty, is given the label by academic Afua Hirsch, while author Kehinde Andrews claims 'nothing has changed' from the UK's colonial past, apart from the Royal Family’s 'better PR'.

The commentators suggest this racist legacy made it difficult for Meghan to be both assimilated into the firm and widely accepted and loved by the British public.


But the comments have been described as 'deeply offensive' by some viewers.

Harry said: “In this family, sometimes you’re part of the problem rather than part of the solution. And there is a huge level of unconscious bias. The thing with unconscious bias is actually no one's fault.”

Meghan adds: “Obviously now everyone is aware of my race because they made it such an issue when I went to the UK. Before then. I wasn't really treated like a black woman.”