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I’ve Heard Tinubu Say Southwest Nigeria Sleeps When He Sleeps, Wakes Up When He Wakes Up –Naja’atu Muhammad

January 26, 2023

According to Muhammad, Tinubu is only concerned about himself and not the country.

Naja’atu Muhammad, a former head of civil society organisations directorate of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council, has again taken a swipe at the presidential candidate of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

According to Muhammad, Tinubu is only concerned about himself and not the country.

Mohammad during an interview on Arise TV on Thursday said Tinubu told her when they were in London that he had no blueprint for security because he could step on many toes and be killed.

She said, “I want to stand my ground that I left because Tinubu is incapable and I have been vindicated yesterday. Everything about Tinubu is about himself; when he wanted to contest, he said it’s his turn, he wants to hold the knife that will cut the pie, it’s not about the country.

“It’s about him, his ego, his corruption it’s all about that, his material control and psychological control of the people of this country, but particularly from the southwest. I have heard him when we were ACN (Action Congress of Nigeria) saying that when he sleeps, the southwest sleeps and when he wakes up, the southwest wakes up. That is his mentality; it’s like an emperor mentality which is very wrong.”


Mohammad also revealed that Tinubu slept for most of the two hours she spent with him when she visited him in London to discuss about his plans for Nigeria.


“However to be very serious when he begged me and Folake begged me to go into the campaign council, I rejected. They know that I did not want to go into the campaign council but they begged me, it’s still ringing in my ear in the name of Allah, Hajiya accept this appointment. I said sir I will not accept the appointment until you tell me what you have for us up north.

“He invited me to London, I went to London. I sat with him for two hours; most of the time, he was sleeping. I asked him what he had for us up north because we have extremely serious security problems, he told me that he didn’t have anything.

“I said sir you mean that you want to be president and you don’t even have a blueprint. He said he doesn’t have a blueprint, he doesn’t have a blueprint according to him because if I have blueprint, I’m quoting him now ‘then I might be killed because I will be stepping on too many toes’. I said sir in that position that you are looking for, you don’t think of death, you don’t think of assassination but I have been vindicated yesterday.

“Nigerians have been suffering for over a year for lack of fuel and more Nigerians are going to suffer and are already suffering for the fact that they gave a very short notice and make the new notes unavailable so Nigeria now will have to result to trade by barter. Tinubu did not say anything, all he is thinking of is the bullion van that has been made available for him to buy votes. I have been vindicated.”


Speaking further she said the vice-presidential candidate of the APC, Kashim Shettima cannot also be trusted because he has been linked with funding terrorism.


She said, “Nigerians should be focused; we have a very serious problem. Nigeria is on the brink, especially as it concerns security. You must have an enabling environment in other to do anything so you cannot take someone that is virtually senile and another person that has been associated on several occasions with funding terrorism that is Kashim Shettima.

“Kashim Shettima, we should not forget Kabiru Sokoto was one of the most wanted terrorists and he was found and arrested in his house. Let us understand and let us not forget this terrorism, this banditry, this carnage is not just happening by mistake; it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry, a multi-billion industry because it takes a lot of money on the defence budget, it has a lot to do with the sale of drugs, it has a lot to do with mining and illegal bunkering and illegal and illicit mining and look at the areas that are generally affected by this, take the northeast.”


She added that Tinubu is mentally ill and cannot think for himself as all he does is sleep.


“What bothers me is not his physical health; there was a president in America that sat on a wheelchair and ruled from a wheelchair but when you are mentally deranged, it’s unacceptable because you can’t decipher, you can’t think, you can’t do anything; you go to sleep any day, anytime.”