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Nigerian Army General Brutalises Estate Chairman In Abuja Over Notice Of Disconnection Of Hotel, Lounge From Transformer

January 27, 2023

According to Ejeh, he was beaten by the Army General over the notice of disconnection of his hotel, Top Rock Garden, from the estate transformer. 

Major-General O.G. Adeniyi of the Nigeria Army Resource Centre has been accused of assaulting the Chairman of Fatima Gold Estate in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Emmanuel Ejeh.

According to Ejeh, he was beaten by the Army General over the notice of disconnection of his hotel, Top Rock Garden, from the estate transformer.

Residents of the estate had in a letter dated January 15 and addressed to the management of Top Rock Garden asked the hotel to look for alternative power source to forestall total breakdown of its transformer.

According to the letter, the small transformer broke down recently, thereby affecting its capacity.

Ejeh said Army General demanded to see him after the letter was sent to his hotel.

On seeing him, he alleged that Adeniyi started raining insults on him and other estate residents with threats to disrupt the peace of the estate with soldiers.

“One Major General Adeniyi of Top Rock Garden assaulted me at entrance of our gate over the notice of disconnection of their premises from our transformer. This was sequel to the decision of the general house.

“On receipt of the letter which he refused to sign the acknowledgment, he demanded to see me at gate which I went. On reaching there, I met him with his orderlies and plain dressed soldiers. He started raining insult on me and the estate and threatened to disrupt the peace of the estate with his soldiers and thugs; that he will block our entrance if we disconnect him from our transformer.

“As I was trying to explain to him, he didn't allow me to talk and the next I saw was slaps and punches on me to the full glare of our security, residents and bystanders. It took the grace of God and pleas from people to dissuade him from inflicting serious injury on me.

“After he left, he later came back at about 12.30pm to demand to see me or be taken to my house. The security informed him that I had not returned to estate since the incident in morning.

“I am using this medium to inform the entire members the threat I am facing and the estate as well. He had promised to disrupt our peace by the use of thugs and soldiers and also take personal actions on me at all cost,” he added.

He added, “The estate would make official report to the Chief of Army Staff and the Provost marshal of the Nigeria Army. While I left the scene yesterday morning, he came back at about 11.30am to ask for me or be taken to my house. Our security told him that I had gone out since the incident.

“He returned in the evening at about 6.30 pm with three letters addressed to the Chairman, General Secretary and the Head of security with same content. Paragraphs 6 and 8 carry threats that he would specifically deal with me that I cursed him.

“I have been to the police and incidented the case and the medical report ready. The man came this afternoon to the estate that he wanted to arrest me but unfortunately I was not around.”