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Freedom On The Ballot, By Kunle Wizeman Ajayi

FREEDOM ON THE BALLOT, By Kunle Wizeman Ajayi
February 2, 2023

Petrol price is so high

And you queue and hiss

Thinking when will things get better

You even see fuel, 

But the banks deny you Naira

Stop lamentations,

A new dawn is knocking

On your door of conscience;

Freedom is on the ballot


You live in Southern Kaduna,

And it's war and want everyday

Terrorists makes us sleepless

Yet, the government is useless

Stop the cries

For they cannot bring back our losses

March out and vote your conscience

For Freedom is yet on the ballot


They say it's a sin to be Igbo

And that it's a taboo

To demand Biafra

They give you unknown Gunmen

Instead of bargains of peace

Don't mind the vampires

Our party believes in self-determination

And we call for unconditional release of Mazi, and all other political prisoners

Kindly boycott the oppressors

And vote true liberty

Freedom is on the ballot


They lie that governance is rocket science

And you must have all the rogue experiences

To even be a councillor

Tell them to their wicked faces

Bad government is their experience

Dirty politics is all they know

Impunity is the watchword

And all they think is their pockets

It's time to do away with evil days

Light has come

No one will be left behind

Freedom is on the ballot


They say Sowore is arrogant

For fighting the thieving Elders

They say we are so rude

For daring to break the rules

Which they use to enslave us

They say we are exuberant

Because we reject primitive roguery

Naija youths and people

It's time to be rude to the thieves

It's time to be arrogant against oppressions

It's time to rise and face the future

It's time to vote for the majority

And not the wishes of minority

Freedom, I repeat, is on the ballot.


February 25th is coming

No more excuses

If we fail again this time

By voting one of them destroying us

We have failed the next generation

They have all the money

But now we can choose

A bribe to vote suffering

Or a rejection to vote Liberty

Our ten fingers is the logo

To unite , vote, and defend

For Freedom is lying patiently

On this ballot of history!


Vote #SoworeMagashi

Vote #RevolutionNow