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Karma And Nemesis In The House Of The APC, By Achike Chude

Karma And Nemesis In The House Of The APC  By Achike Chude
February 8, 2023


I am not a devil. I have not seen one. I do not have his credentials. I do not know how he thinks, but I have an idea about how he operates. I am not sure l like him. But I do know that some human beings are sometimes referred to as the devil. They said Hitler was a devil. Mobutu did not escape the tag. People who commit heinous crimes both political and social, are called his other name - Satan.


Sometimes, it is conceivable that the devil can be as deluded as humans to consider himself an angel. Just the same way a discredited politician and political party would consider themselves the best on offer.


But mouths can lie. Eyes cannot. People may forget. Karma and Nemesis cannot.


Just when you think that all the evil that have happened in Nigeria have run their due cause, you suddenly realize that there is plenty more out there.


And then you think that you have seen the very worst in our politicians and are convinced that their malevolence and greed have reached their peak and can only diminish.


How wrong can you be.


You think that with the elections that are weeks and days away, the politicians will be focused solely on running good campaigns to win their elections.


But no! All that some of them are doing is hurting the democratic process and undermining the election proper, simply because they are not having their way.


So, from the north, south, east, and west, we have an election that is threatened by deranged violent criminals, insurgents and counter-insurgents, secessionists and pseudo-secessionists, and of course, our wayward politicians who are the worst of the lot - for laying the foundation for the rot going on today in the land.





But what if the inexplicable and near impossible happens on the 25th of February 2025, and President Muhammadu's Buhari's government, through the INEC delivers a relatively free, fair and credible election in spite of all the crises around us?


President Buhari would then be like the thief on the cross whose very last act on earth was to gain salvation at the very last moment following a life of thievery, banditry, and knavery.


President Buhari would then have gained, at the eleventh hour, some sort of redemption from the seven years of tortuous hell his administration and his All Progressives Party, the APC, unleashed on Nigerians whether willfully or otherwise. He needs the absolution from Nigerians, no matter how little.


And if he doesn't get forgiveness from Nigerians for the years of the locusts, then he would do well for his sanity after retirement, to keep away completely from the media space, whether TV, radio, newspapers, and social media.


Because he would be horrified and devastated to hear what Nigerians would say about him when he leaves office. They are already talking, and the things they are saying about him are horribly unpleasant and not good for the ears. And the sad reality is that they are essentially true. He and his party, the All Progressives Congress Party (APC), are now the major troublers of Nigeria and have been for some time.




Time is such a mystery. It does not fret. It does not hide. It is inexorable. Always moving. It vindicates the innocent and the not too innocent. And it exposes the guilty. Karma, the bitch and Nemesis, the relentless punisher are both the products of time. When they combine to exact vengeance, the outcome is always devastating.




They have taken on President Muhammadu Buhari and will totally destroy his last shred of reputation and dignity for the sin of not being better than his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan, yet having the galls to hound him out of power.


They have taken on the APC and shown the Party for the perversity and monstrosity it has become after the sanctimonious and hypocritical, self- righteous claims of being better than the PDP.


Oh Karma and Nemesis! If only you could spare ordinary Nigerians from the punishment duly earned and deserved by President Buhari and his APC for desecrating the country's socio-economic moral order in such a vile and perverse manner.


Why would Nigerians go down to sheol, to the realm of the dead in the company of the APC and their likes in the political firmament? Let hell beckon on the APC and their counterparts in eternal confusion in their quest for political power which for them, is the gateway to satiating the concupiscence of the flesh - a fleeting fancy that shows their small-mindedness and mean-spiritedness.


But let Nigerians be spared further agony. Let them be spared the self-delusion of the president who is the leader of the APC for his flight from reality. For how else can any Nigerian understand his statement to Nigerians at the parade ground at the Dikko stadium, Katsina a few days ago:


“Please in the name of God, be patient with us and forgive us. Tell your friends, brothers, sisters and children to continue to vote for APC, Tinubu will continue from where we stop.”


And the APC flag bearer himself had echoed the same sentiment earlier about continuing the policy of Buhari.


The president seems obviously unaware that Nigeria and Nigerians are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the hospital right now. To urge his would-be successor to continue on the trajectory that has taken us to the hospital will likely signal a more sinister finale for us all.


But the delusion was complete at the same stadium when Masari, the governor proclaimed the battle for the presidency as;


"..... a fight between light represented by Tinubu and the APC and the darkness represented by others."


APC, the light?


The harbinger of calamity, the traducer in chief of our people, and the multiplier of our infirmities?


Utter delusion!


But it is beyond that.


It is the Machiavellian nature of Karma and Nemesis to expose those whom the gods want to destroy.


Satan indeed thinks himself a Saint.