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Ibarapa, The Race With Eleshin Has Just Begun! By Ismael Oludare Ogunsola

March 21, 2023

The morning after, Ideere woke back to it's bustlings, and Igboora quickly matched on. A relief has just dazzled. Months of fears as to what may and may not, had become minutes fast clicking to seconds. The expectations seem burst but the people would soldier on. The way things would be seems tampered, but the workers have to work again to live. The farms becomes a refreshed base, as farmers quickly took their spades and hoes to tilling and sowing. But to anyone who can see through the great momentum of elections that just passed, a balloon of hope seems perforated, while the weather seems dimmer even in the sunny season. Yet, the race to building a new Ibarapa, Oyo, and of course Nigeria has just begun. For wherever it is, we are delighted that we have passed through rigorous lessons in the laboratory of meticulous campaigns: gratitude is the victory song!



Nine (9) months ago, there came a need to chose a path that would serve as the key to true ideological and radical alternatives, so we declared our intention to run for a seat at the Oyo State House of Assembly; to deepen visionary representation of the people of Ibarapa Central and North constituency, under the only pro-people party that signal true Freedom on the ballot, African Action congress (AAC). We indeed ran a revolutionary campaign across the constituency, from visiting secondary schools to meeting student bodies, trade unions, informal workers, organizations and clubs consolidated by our massive door-to-door engagement from the twins capital, Igboora to the ancient Igangan through the hill-secured Idere, Tapa, Ayete, We visited our people in the villages around the constituency from Egbeomo, to Abidioki, Owode, Akoya Bale, Akoya Iya, 

Abule Eleede, Asunnara, Abule idi ope, Aba Isale, Idiyan, Ominigbo to Bansa, Araromi, Fedegbo, Ogundele, Onile

Onile, Baba gbau, IBONA ELEWURO ETC. We took time to share the incentives of history, developmental thoughts, and collective prosperity. Those voyages actually showed to us that the people really know what they want, but ways to do what they want remains a serious mirage.


The major connectum established from our engagement across these towns and villages is the further credence to the fact that a succinct revolutionary change is sought as is the case in all part of motherland, it is no brainer that this is the exact solution we (AAC) are bringing to the fore, the feedback from our campaign activities also prove that the people are accrediting our ideas and paths, albeit not reflected in the selection cum election days ago (25th March 2023) and this is largely due to the fact that the ruling elites did not allow the people to choose their representative and leaders freely, they had to induce them with cash and food at the voting units and before, this, they have also perfected over the years through intentional impoverishment of the people.


For the wanting hearts who still think ideas must journey through hell to reach destinations, the objective reality is proving us wrong. Eleshin has taken up a race beyond just running, to fisting and thinking. The people have seen and are exposed to a campaign that showed that another Ibarapa is not a rocket science. With our poor purse, we reached a vast majority of the people and impressed our ideas on their breasts of conscience. The manifestations of the election day is only a reflection of the fact that evil has an enduring structure that needs non-stop and non-ending engagements. The low voters turn out shows the manifestations of the Naira crises and the fact that most people have lost faith in the process. Many also voted out of serious inducements that have characterized the poverty of the existing parties and mal-governments.


I blame the ruining class for the decision of vote-sellers because they are the ones who conditioned them to sell their votes and remember Frantz Fanon in his widely read “White skin, Black mask” also warned us against blaming victims of oppression in order not to exonerate the oppressors.

We thank and appreciate the people of Ibarapa central and North for riding with us and voting for us. We got that encouraging protest vote from all wards. So amazing! On behalf of our party leaders, volunteers and coordinators across Ibarapa, we are so thankful. We assure that your wonderful sacrifices are not for #ELESHIN2023 but for motherland and the ancestors are proud of us all!


Moving forward, to consolidate our efforts during the campaign, we will continue to organize with our people with focus on building a wide people’s resistance against all forms of oppression, as well as building a party of hundreds of thousands that would bring a new and refreshing thinking and ways that can push for Ibarapa's collective ïnterests. We are elated that we keep sinking our wells of thoughts into the masses, and we too swim in the rivers of the people's day-to-day experiences. Praxis in principles is the watchword hoping that one day the tables will turn and motherland will be liberated. Victory is ever sure! E se o!!