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Nigerians That I Hurt So Much Should Please Pardon Me; We Are All Humans – President Buhari   

Nigerians That I Hurt So Much Should Please Pardon Me; We Are All Humans – President Buhari   
April 21, 2023


President Muhammadu Buhari has asked Nigerians that feel hurt by his actions or policies to pardon him, adding that “we are all humans.”

The president on Friday described himself as a lucky man, to have led Nigeria in various capacities as a governor, minister, head of state, and crowning it as President.

Buhari who asserted that he was eager to hand over power to the “President-elect,” Bola Tinubu, said that he could not wait to go home after eight years of being at the helm of affairs in the country, providing governance.

The president made this known while speaking at the 9th and final Sallah homage which took place, Friday, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He thanked the residents of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja for indulging and tolerating him in the last seven and half years.

He said; “I can’t wait to go home. I deliberately arranged to be as far away as possible from you people. I have got what I have asked and will quietly retire to my home town in Daura.

“I think this is a very good coincidence for me to say goodbye to you and to thank you for tolerating me for more than seven and half years now.

“Having been a Governor, Minister and the President twice, I think God has given us an incredible opportunity to serve as your president. And I thank God for that. So, please whoever feels I have done wrong to, we are all humans. There is no doubt I hurt some people and I wish you will pardon me. And those that think that I have hurt them so much, please pardon me.”

Buhari’s tenure as Nigeria president ends May 29 when Tinubu, although besieged by several petitions at the presidential tribunal, is expected to be sworn in as Nigerian president for the next four years.