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International Animal Rights Group Condemns Killing Of 6 Lions In Kenya

International Animal Rights Group Condemns Killing Of 6 Lions In Kenya
May 14, 2023

The World Animal Protection has condemned the recent killing of six lions in Kajiado County in Kenya.


The organisation, formerly known as The World Society for the Protection of Animals, is an international non-profit animal rights organisation that advocates for the welfare and protection of animals worldwide.


This tragic event comes just days after four other lions were killed, bringing the total number of lions killed in the Amboseli Ecosystem to a devastating ten (10), a statement issued on Sunday by Kipkorir Evans, the organisation’s Communication and Multimedia Officer, said.


The statement reads in part, “World Animal Protection is deeply saddened and appalled by the recent incident in which six lions from Amboseli National Park were cruelly killed following an alleged break-in at the nearby Nashipa village in Kajiado Sub-County.




“While we understand and empathize with the losses incurred by the community, we strongly condemn the cruel act of killing lions without considering alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.”


The organisation appealed to the “community to demonstrate compassion and respect towards wildlife”.


“Furthermore, we urge them to refrain from invading wildlife territories, as habitat loss and depletion of natural food sources within the ecosystem may force wild animals to seek sustenance in nearby areas,” it said.


It described the “distressing incident’ as a “stark reminder that wildlife have a right to a wild life and there can never be a peaceful coexistence between wild animals and humans if either keeps encroaching on the other’s ecosystem”.


“To avert such tragic occurrences happening in future, we call upon the authorities tasked with the protection of wild animals to be proactive in safeguarding these magnificent creatures.