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Explosions As Al-Shabab Group Raids African Union Army Base In Somalia

Explosions As Al-Shabab Group Raids African Union Army Base In Somalia
May 26, 2023

The militant al-Shabab group has carried out an attack on a Ugandan troops' base of the African Union Transition Mission (ATMIS).


The base is in Buulo Mareer district, in Lower Shabelle region in Somalia. Buulo Mareer is about 110km (68 miles) from the capital, Mogadishu.


The attack began shortly after morning prayers on Friday morning, according to BBC News.


It started with a large explosion, believed to have been caused by an explosives-laden vehicle.


Residents reported that after the big explosion, two more explosions occurred in the camp before a fight started between the Ugandan troops and the attackers.


Al-Shabab said they captured the camp and killed dozens of ATMIS soldiers, but there has been no independent confirmation of the group's claim.


ATMIS says its forces are currently assessing the security situation in the area but no word yet from the Somali government regarding the attack.


Ugandan army spokesperson Felix Kulayigye told Kenya's Daily Nation that the military was probing the attack. He blamed "foreign insurgents" for the raid without giving further details.


The actual damage caused by the attack is not yet known.


Civilians have remained inside their houses and though some of the bullets being fired hit their houses, no damage has been reported.


Some residents in Buulo Mareer said that they could hear the sound of helicopters hovering over the city.