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Abuja-Based Businessman Raises Alarm Over Threats To Life, Family As Nigerian Police Take Sides, Fail To Probe Assault Case

May 29, 2023

Okonkwo alleged that after the said Chima had assaulted him and inflicted bodily injuries on him, the Deputy Superintendent of Police in charge of the post in the market threatened to charge him to court if he failed to withdraw a report against Chima for assaulting him.


An Abuja-based businessman and Chief Executive Officer of Daniels Entertainment Ltd, Mr Daniel Okonkwo has raised the alarm over threat to his life and immediate family by one Chima C. PK a trader in Kaura Market, while accusing the Officer in charge of Kaura Market Police Post, DSP Mary Lsah of complicity.
Okonkwo alleged that after the said Chima had assaulted him and inflicted bodily injuries on him, the Deputy Superintendent of Police in charge of the post in the market threatened to charge him to court if he failed to withdraw a report against Chima for assaulting him.


The police boss also openly threatened to kill him.


The Label executive who spoke to SaharaReporters about the unfolding incident expressed fears that his life and that of immediate family were no longer safe, adding that the said Chima took pictures of his six-year-old daughter and his wife and he did not know what would happen thereafter since the police had taken sides after collecting bribes.
Narrating the incident to SaharaReporters, Okonkwo said, “It all started last year when I got a store for my wife at Kaura Market and it's unfortunate that it didn't come with a restroom, but the market has a public restroom, and my wife can't take my six years old daughter there.
“So, anytime my daughter is pressed, my wife would take her to the corner of a warehouse by the walkway that demarcates us from the warehouse. However, Chima's store is at the place adjacent to the warehouse which is divided by the walkway. My wife would go there with a potty and nylon to tie and dispose the waste.
“As a neighbour in store number 17/25 Kaura Market, Okonkwo stated that Chima kept harassing and insulting his wife from the time they got to that store, adding that he (Chima) was literally stalking his wife, “and went as far as taking photos of my daughter and wife.” This he said continued until Friday May 26, 2023 when his wife and daughter caught him taking their photo.”
Continuing, Okonkwo said, he had already briefed a member of the market and Chima's friend, one Mr Frank of the incident and asked him to talk to him. “Last Friday being May 26, 2023 Mr Frank came to my store to brief me of the conversation he had with Mr Chima and they agreed to meet with the Chima and settle whatever the matter is. We went to Chima's store, on getting there we saw Mr Chima outside his store. I waited at the door and he asked us to come in, and while we were in his store it started drizzling. At that point Mr Frank rushed out to go to his store and take in some of his goods.
“After Frank left, Mr Chima turned to me and started raining insults on me, calling me unprintable names.”
Okonkwo stated that after he took time to explain the matter to a nearby woman who asked and while he was talking to the woman outside, Chima came and slapped him and threw punches at him.
“He ran into his store and carried a 20 kg welding cylinder which I mistook for a big fire extinguisher and threw it at me while I fended it off with my hands.” Not satisfied with what he had done Okonkwo added, “Immediately he pounced on me and plunged his teeth on my cheek and people rushed and were pulling him out of my face. By the time he was pulled out he had already pulled my flesh and my face started bleeding.”
He said that immediately he was rushed to the police post in the market where he reported the matter, adding that while he was making his report, the said Chima rushed in and the 2IC ordered one officer Moses to detain him. “Thereafter, officer Moses took me to the hospital for treatment”.
Okonkwo regretted that by the time they got back he saw Chima in the DPO's office sitting comfortably and laughing. “Before I walked into the station, I heard some of his friends saying Chima the sharp guy has already given her what she's eating in Igbo language referring to the DPO and they laughed at me, that explained what played out later.”
Meanwhile, Okonkwo said the DPO had already told the 2IC to bring him to her office once they returned from hospital. “While all this was happening my wife was calling me to find out if I was okay and that she was coming with the welding cylinder.
“The 2IC took me to the DPO's office and my wife joined us and Chima had already seated before we got to the office. The next thing the DPO asked me "why did you fight Chima,'' that she was disappointed with me. She then said without hearing from me that she was going to detain me. I asked her what, I came to report this case here and before I left, Mr Chima was detained, and I told her about the welding cylinder that my wife brought to the station that Mr Chima threw at me and injuries he inflicted on me. She (DPO) said that we were fighting and that Chima had to defend himself from me. She instantly accused me of starting the whole thing and insisted that she was going to detain me.”
The Label executive further stated that when he told the police officer that he had a witness, she replied “does it matter,” showing her obvious bias. “Eventually, when she accepted and the witness, Mama Emmanuella's store, came and narrated how Chima attacked me the DPO simply said it was two fighting regardless of who started it, that she is going to detain us for two fighting. At that point my wife said madam but he attacked my husband and took a picture of my daughter and threatened me and you are saying you are going to lock my husband?
“When I told the DPO that my wife's dad is a serving DIG that my wife wanted to call her dad but I told her not to. At this point she said Chima should pay for my hospital treatment and then I must withdraw the case or she will detain myself and Chima until tomorrow Tuesday.” Insisting “my opinion is simply to withdraw or stay four days".
Okonkwo, however, lamented that since they left the DPO's office, he has been inundated with calls from his friends telling him to withdraw the case or if he wanted to be detained. “The callers said I should beg Chima and make peace with him if I want to live in Abuja. Mr Chima called me but I ignored his calls but his friend pressured me to go and know why he was calling me, to my greatest surprise he started threatening me that he was going to kill me in Abuja. He boasted that they are the owners of the market.
“That was the first time I heard the Gudu market has cult members. He has my family pictures that he has already given to his cult members. My life and that of my family are in danger,” he narrated asking for justice.
When SaharaReporters reached out to the DPO on telephone for reaction, she said she actually asked Mr Okonkwo to withdraw the case saying “Yes, because they were fighting; that was why I said he should withdraw the case.”
She added “You know this is not a phone matter. I don’t like phone conversations on cases, if he is around come with him please. It is not a phone matter you understand?”
Meanwhile, when Chima was contacted for a reaction, he accepted that they fought but denied that there was never a time he took pictures of his daughter or threatened to kill them.
“We fought on Friday, he injured me and I injured him. He injured my right eye and took me to the police and the police advised us that we should go and settle it. We all agreed, our neighbours around the market came and we agreed. He brought out a bill that he spent N20,000 and the police woman said no need for trouble. I should go and sort ourselves out since he is claiming he spent N20,000 that for the sake of peace I should pay the money. I agreed to pay the money on Tuesday being tomorrow and we left. Since then, I haven’t been to the market, I have not called him. I don't know how I am threatening him or his family. So I never threatened him and I had never threatened him,” Chima claimed.