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Take-It-Back, Black Lives Matter, Socialist Workers League, Other Pan-African Movements Condemn Ongoing War In Sudan, Non-Intervention By Global Community

Take-It-Back Movement Condemns Ongoing War In Sudan, Non-Intervention By Global Community
June 8, 2023

The Take-It-Back Movement (TIB), Coalition for Revolution, Socialist Workers League, Black Lives Matter, and 22 other Pan-African Movements have condemned the ongoing war in Sudan by two rival factions of the Sudanese military junta and the silence of the international community over the war. 

The movements, which made the condemnation on Wednesday in a statement, said the war had led to the death of thousands of people in the country while at least 700,000 people had been internally displaced.

The crisis has further thrown the democratic revolution which started in the country in 2019 into peril.

“In addition, we condemn the silence of the international community over the injustices being perpetrated against the people of Sudan who are being deprived of their basic rights in this period, including access to humanitarian service.

“The unlawful and illegitimate interference of the military and armed groups within civilian regimes across the continent has for decades been instrumentalized by neo-colonial forces and their local allies to usurp civilian rule, set aside political mandates, and undermine popular sovereignty,” part of the statement read.

The movements stated that for decades, military rule and other oppressive forces' grip on political power in Africa has been entrenched with violence involving mass killings and maiming of multitudes, leaving the people disoriented and traumatised.

“We also note the contemptuous attitude of Western governments to the situation in Sudan, demonstrated in the most graphic manner as they abandoned Khartoum with passports of Sudanese seeking refuge locked up in their embassies.

“This is emblematic of Western hypocrisy. We do not see the sort of focus on Ukrainian refugees for wars spurred by histories of imperialist design such as Tigray where over 600,000 have been killed.

“Once again, it is clear to the African people that we must take our fate in our hands, and in doing so chart a path towards a world in which the protection of human rights is not contingent upon imperialist gain.

 “Organisation is power, and for years the Sudanese people have proven themselves to be adept and consistent at it. The usurpation of the 2019 revolution and its aftermath by the military, other armed forces and external forces has not stopped the Sudanese people from organising towards winning freedom.

“The Sudanese working-class people, radical professionals and youth have shown that they can break the chains of their oppression. Trade unions and the neighbourhood resistance committees in the country have fought for and pushed the frontiers of democracy from below with the Sudanese Revolution, inspiring working people and change-seeking youths in Africa and across the world," the movements added.