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Members Accuse New Delta Assembly Speaker Of Inferiority Complex Due To His ‘Fear’ Of The State Governor

Lawmakers say the current speaker has “brought the activities of the house to a pitiful level”.

For what some members of the Delta State House of Assembly, and some top government functionaries termed an “inferiority complex,” the Speaker of the State Assembly, Mr. Peter Onwusanya, is said to be afraid of meeting Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan one-on-one, to discuss issues bothering the house, or any other issue as the case may be.

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SaharaReporters has learned that there have been ‘serious grumbling’ among members of the Delta State House of Assembly following the inability of the speaker to summon the courage to meet eith Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, face-to-face to address vital issues concerning the house.

Confiding in a SaharaReporters correspondent, a member of the House of Assembly who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated that, the house “is not happy following the way and manner the speaker was piloting the affairs of the house unlike the regime of the former speaker, Mr. Victor Ochei.

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“As a member, we are dying in silence,” the House member said. “Do you know that our current speaker, because of an inferiority complex, he has refused to meet Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan one-on-one, to discuss major topics hotly contested in the house, and any other issue, even the mundane, concerning good governance? Rather,” the House member added, (“the speaker) passes through the Secretary to the State Government, Comrade Ovuozorie Macaulay.”

“Whenever he wants to see, or have some issues to discuss with the governor, he is always afraid to meet the man one-on-one at the end (of it) he will end-up at the table of the SSG, who will now pass his messages across to the governor. In the time of Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei, it was never like this. In fact, he was really born with leadership, Victor Ochei, has the full charisma and the attributes of a true leadership,” the visibly aggrieved lawmaker stated.

Another lawmaker said the current speaker has “brought the activities of the house to a pitiful level” where nothing seems to be happening, as it was in the past few months when the former speaker was on the throne.

“I can tell you authoritatively, (and) without fear or contradiction, that after the imposition of the current speaker on us by the governor, the house (has) lost its respect, and relevance and the way and manner (in which) the house used to bubble with activities before now, nothing is happening anymore, because the current speaker has turned himself to ‘a baby doll,’ to the governor. He is always afraid of the governor, in order not to fall out of favour, to the detriment of members. How can a speaker of a house be afraid to meet a governor and discuss issues one on one, man to man? It’s very unfortunate,” said the lawmaker to a SaharaReporters correspondent.

A principal officer of the House of Assembly had bitterly complained to a SaharaReporters correspondent about how the current speaker “has disappointed the members in (the way he) carries out his duties as speaker of the house, saying that, “Victor Ochei, brought dignity and respect to the house, and when he was leaving, he left them and that is what we are suffering from today, with the coming of Mr. Onwusanya.”

According to the officer, “The speaker is below expectations. Just come and see how he legislates on the floor of the house during (the) sitting sessions. You know he is a misfit for the job. He is not carrying us along, as it used to be during the tenure of the former speaker, Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei. Yes, Ochei may have his own short comings, but to be honest with you, this, our current speaker is a misfit. (He lacks) the courage, and charisma of a leader. It is not just there inside the house. A speaker who cannot approach the governor to discuss issues, who rather goes or passes his messages through to the SSG. What an insolent.”

Also some top government functionaries who spoke on the condition of anonymity with a SaharaReporters correspondent, confirmed, that actually, following the circumstances where the current speaker was installed, and, also, as first term member of the house, Mr. Onwusanya always has ‘cold feet’ in his failure to approach the governor on any number of issues.

“But honestly speaking, I cannot say if he goes through the SSG, but the truth is, that he does not have the lever to approach the governor, as in the case of the former speaker, Victor Ochei. In the eyes of the governor and others, Ochei is a very bold man, and full of courage, and this was becoming a serious problem to the governor, and some government functionaries and the leadership of the PDP in the state. This was always one of the reasons, (that) a plot was carried-out against (the governor) which almost caused him impeachment, and he smartly tendered his resignation,” one of the government officials stated.

For some of the senior management staff of the Assembly, the respect that the House used to command before now, is no longer the case because the speaker has ‘sold out’ to the governor in totality. That is the prevailing inmpression of many inside the House, and for them it is a frustrating sight.

According to the staff, these days people hardly remember if there is a House of Assembly existing anywhere in the state. This is a view that stands because of the apparent weakness of the current speaker.  Nothing, including bold initiatives  coming out of the House is going to emerge again. “The speaker has “been cowed by the governor,” and that is the kind of people the governor prefers to install as a speaker. In short, a ‘yes sir, yes kind sir,’ sort of speaker, which Ochei never wanted to be,” a staff member said.

Meanwhile, it was learned that governor Uduaghan has allegedly stopped all constituency projects from being executed by lawmakers across the state.

When confronted on the issue of an inferiority complex during a press conference to kick start House activities marking the 3rd anniversary of the fifth Assembly of the Delta State House of Assembly, the visibly angry hand picked speaker, out of annoyance with the question, said that the question was “personal,”  and as such, he wouldn’t respond to personal questions and declined to offer further comments.

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