The certificate forgery case against Emmanuel Andy Uba at the Abuja High Court in Abuja took a new turn this morning. Chief Judge Roseline Ukeje, without prior justification or prior notice to the presiding Judge, the plaintiff and the defendant removed the presiding Judge in the case and took over the case to the surprise of the litigants who appeared for court hearing in the morning of Wednesday February 28, 2007.

As expected at the resumed hearing this morning, the case was to go for trial. However the Plaintiffs were shocked to find out that the case was missing from the line up. Further enquiries by authoritative sources revealed to Nanka.Org that the Chief Judge had removed the case from Justice Chikere’s court without notification to the presiding judge.

Nanka.Org had earlier reported that the Chief Judge of the federal High Court in Abuja had been approached by the defense team representing Emmanuel Andy Uba with a request to scuttle the case against Emmanuel Andy Uba’s candidacy.

The case against Emmanuel Andy Uba charged him of forgery of his degree certificates, particularly a PhD degree he claimed in his official PDP gubernatorial forms to have earned from Buxton University for “Doctorate of Sciences” in 1996. The British government has confirmed that the university does not exist within the boundaries of the United Kingdom.

As Nanka.Org has gathered, the confirmation by the United Kingdom indicating that Buxton University does not exist led Emmanuel Andy Uba who had earlier ignored the case filed against his candidature by Ikemefuna, to become increasingly panicky and frantic as he reacted hastily to hire the high prized Dr. Wale Babalakin as legal counsel based on the recommendations of Chief Judge Ukeje. Dr. Babalakin is a well known close business associate of President Obasanjo and Andy Uba who have enjoyed lucrative business contracts via President Obasanjo and Andy Uba. It is also important to note that Ukeje’s son – Obi Ukeje is the personal assistant to Mr. Andy Uba who currently plays a principal role in Andy Uba’s gubernatorial campaign.


What appears to have caused Chief Judge Ukeje to take over the case came on the heels of Judge Anuri Chikere’s earlier indication of her intent to expedite the case against Andy Uba last week. This was made actionable last Monday as Judge presided over the case when Andy Uba’s defense team made the request for extension of time to study the case was refused. Judge Chikere had made the insistence that the defense had enough notice to file an appearance.

Yesterday Andy Uba’s defense team then filed a defense claiming that that the INEC form attached to the case file was not the form he filed for the election. Nanka.Org was able to gather that Andy Uba’s refusal to attach his original INEC form was largely because the original form had already been published and available to the Plaintiff.


To this end, our investigators have managed to gather that a new attempt is in the works by Andy Uba to file another form with INEC through the assistance of Prof. Maurice Iwu, the INEC chairman – of which Andy Uba nominated to his current position as the Chairman.


Also, Andy Uba’s legal defense team has questioned the locus standi of Mr. Ikemefuna in challenging Andy Uba’s candidature. This is as stated in their two point defense/reply.

The sense within Andy Uba’s defense team indicates that their defense holds little water to the slew of evidence stacked up against them. And as feared, Andy Uba reverted to his alternate plan – Plan B which is call on the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court Abuja to scuttle the case administratively. Without the plaintiff or the defendants registering a complaint against Judge Anuri Chikere, Chief Judge Ukeje upped and replaced her. This case was yet to be assigned to a new judge and no new dates have been set for hearing as at the time of filing this report.

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