Saharareporters note with curiosity the desperate effort by several officials of Kwara Poly to burnish the image of Governor Bukola Saraki in the name of denying the authenticity of the picture published on our site?

Why was it necessary for the deputy rector, the registrar and the student union president to script three separate refutations of the picture we published? And why do these apologists deem it imperative to impute that our publication was motivated by a desire to tarnish the governor's image? What image does a super corrupt former banker whose family practically robbed/ruined the Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria have?
Why would polytechnic officials arrogate to themselves not only the task of whitewashing Governor Saraki but also reading the minds of our editors?

In his statement, Adeyemi Azeez Olalekan inadvertently confirms the kernel of our report, namely, that the wretched building in question houses students of Kwara Polytechnic.
If Governor Saraki has turned the polytechnic into a paragon of residential halls complete with facilitiesthat rival the best in the world, pray, why would some students resort to living in a ramshackle building? Do the deputy rector, registrar and student leader want the world to believe that the students who live in this fetid structure are sado-masochists who relish squalid accommodation?

Instead of engaging in implausible and effete attempts to defend the indefensible, we advise the college officials to face up to the truth: that a good number of Kwara Poly students live in sub-human conditions.

Rather than make farcical demands for an apology from us, they must take advantage of the opportunity presented to them by our publication to press the case before the Kwara State Assembly for adequate budgetary subvention to enable the school to build residences befitting of human habitation, and not reference  “millions” of which there is only evidence of two hostels in pictures sent to us, one of them is uncompleted building apparently since 2003.

These apologists of a corrupt governor should ask themselves whether Governor Saraki would for one second consent to staying in the kind of filthy building where some of their students live. Or would the governor countenance a child of his living in such a messy place? If doubt it check out the gold on his door knob at his 70 Bourne Street mansion in London.


 The attention of the authority of the Kwara State Polytechnic has been drawn to the picture of a derelict building which appeared on your website and which was said to be part of our school’s hostels. We want to state clearly that the offensive picture is not of Kwara State Polytechnic hostel. Our hostels are in a very perfect condition as the real pictures of our hostel are posted on your site for the whole world to see.

The Governor, Dr. Bukola Saraki, since resuming office, has released millions of naira for the renovation of the hostels. The picture of the building used by Sahara reporter does not belong to our school at all. The Sahara reporter’s story is unfortunate. It is the handiwork of people who are hell bent on tarnishing the image of Governor Saraki. Since Gov. Saraki assumed office in 2003, he has made life easy for the institution. Those behind the mischievous and wicked picture are unprogressive elements in the polytechnic who never saw anything good in whatever we do.

 The authority demands a retraction of the offence picture and an apology from the Sahara reporters. We also urge the Sahara reporters to always endeavour to be painstaking in its investigation before pasting its news on the web to ensure its credibility.

 Chief James Ogunyemi Oyinsola, Deputy Rector, Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, Kwara State.


NO, NO, NO – THAT IS NOT KWARA POLY’S HOSTEL – Registrar, Kwara Poly.

 The picture which appeared on your site and which you claimed was part of the Kwara State Polytechnic hostels was received with shock and disbelief as no such building existed in the entire campus of the polytechnic. It was malicious of Sahara reporter to paste a false picture on its site all in its bid to get at the Governor. It is also fraudulent and a great disservice to the visitors to Sahara reporters site. At the Kwara Poly, the authority made it mandatory for all the students to stay on campus particularly the freshers. This condition is stated clearly in the admission letter to our students, that accommodation is compulsory for new students. Each student is charged N4,500 per bed space. This is far cheaper than N10,000 being paid at the University of Ilorin.

 At Kwara Polytechnic hostels, students are provided with standard beddings, toiletry, fans, wardrobes as well as adequate water supply. Before the Governor came in in 2003, the hostels had been abandoned for over seven years. The Governor came to the rescue and released several millions of naira for the rehabilitation of the hostels and this has been done.

 The school authority also, through Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), renovated more hostels to ensure that more students are accommodated on campus. The school has enough accommodation for all our students, but some students prefer to stay off-campus and the school has no authority over them while off campus.

 Mrs. Victoris Orundalunsi, Registrar, Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, Kwara State.

I saw the picture and caption of a horrid building on your website which you claimed was part of the hostels in Kwara State Polytechnic. This is an outright falsehood. I recognize the building; it is located at about one kilometer away from the school. It is a rented apartment, which attracts between N300 and N400 per month. The student’s hostels are very okay and among the best in the country with all the necessary facilities like water, decent toilets, ward-robes, adequate power supply and conducive environment for study. I have been living in the hostel since my ND days. Each student has a bed assigned to him and there are recreational centers.

 Adeyemi Azeez Olalekan, President, Student Union Government, Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, Kwara State.

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