Imo people are all aware that PPA and their governor are unpopular in all ramifications in the state prior to 21st April 2007, if not for the integrity problem that rocks the PDP in the state making Imolites to allegedly settle for a lesser danger. I am not a politician or a pawn to any of the warring political factions in the state but the recent events in the state calls for urgent attention, despite the dearth of investment in the future of Imo citizens since the government of late Chief Sam Mbakwe, the present government like the others have been spending our money in a catabolic projects rather than anabolic projects; the much advertise copied green and clean initiative, Imo rural road maintenance agency, building of teaching hospital, secretariat complex etc are good but the question that begs for an answer is how does these tackle the major problem of unemployment facing Imo people?.

It is on record that Imo state has the highest number of unemployed graduates and the most expensive secondary school system in Nigeria if not in Africa despite being an oil producing state while other state governments are running free and compulsory secondary school education, paying for WACE registration fees for their citizens even in states that are considered most enlighten; It is a fact that majority of commercial motorcyclist in the state are graduates of the numerous higher institutions in the state and since the return to democracy no single, local, international, private or government owned industry have been sited in the state at least to generate employment to teeming unemployed and overqualified Imo youths. The most agonizing aspect of this is the action of the governor of the state whereby about 500 dehumanized unemployed youths where allegedly locked up in police cells under the guise of fighting criminality during this yuletide season to be release after the season with some naira token as a compensation. Where does he drive his power for this action?

If Mr. governor believes that these men are criminals, why not allow the law to take it cause by charging them to court? The audacity of criminality in Nigeria is so that the blind can see it and the deaf can hear it but it is on record that only 36,000 of inmates are in prisons in a notorious country of about 140milion people, compared to South Africa with about 157,000 inmates out of 49million people, Uganda 80,000 inmates with 7milion people. Detailed investigations shows that more than 90 percent of this lien number of inmates in Nigeria prisons are the poorest of the poor that could not manipulate there way out of the porous and unreliable system, as more than 70percent of Nigeria criminals are so rich and occupy various positions of authority that shield them from the hands of the law; this position was complemented by an inform distinguish Senator who looked the senate president eye ball to eye ball and told him that the chambers is infested with criminals and that he is ready to mention names anytime any day.

I am appealing to well meaning Imo citizens across the globe, civil liberty organization etc to call the Imo state government to release these poor young men who are victims of criminal ruler ship at various level to celebrate Christmas with there kinsmen and the highly place but rich jobless personalities (JP) that parade themselves as stake holders in the state, as well look for a comprehensive and sustainable way of eradicating the perennial problem of criminality, poverty, unemployment and wrong social orientation that bedevil the state.


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