The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has been contacted by its Delta state cousins to support its renewed fight against the military Joint Task Force over the criminal activities of its head, Brigadier General Wuyep Rimtip who not only engages in oil theft but has been bribed by Chevron by way of accepting the building of a house gratis by the American firm in his home town which is clearly illegal.
MEND is mulling over the urgent request in the face of its ceasefire declaration but will have no choice than to join the fray if the violence escalates in other that the army and navy does not have any military advantage in the Western front.
Should MEND join the fight, we intend to spread it all over the Niger Delta region so as to jeopardize the 2009 budget projections and cripple the oil dependent economy. 

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