The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has lauded the transparent, free and fair conduct of the general election in Ghana, which led to the emergence of the opposition candidate in the election, Prof. John Atta Mills as the democratically elected president of Ghana. The party sees the laudable conduct of the election as yet another great indictment of the corrupt and shameful manner the PDP has conducted elections in Nigeria in the past nine years.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the party’s Lagos State Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, Lagos AC says it notes with regret that while other nations are progressively marching forward and recording giant strides in the conduct of their affairs and businesses, the PDP is remorselessly leading Nigeria to the abyss, which is even made more poignant by the present rudderless state of the Nigerian nation. It therefore advises the PDP to relinquish power instead of plunging Nigeria into the pith of decay and rot.

“The positive developments in Ghana once again brings to the fore the ugliness and hopelessness of the Nigerian nation under PDP’s roguish watch. At a time the PDP and its corrupt apparatchik has resorted to embracing an ultra corrupt and vile electoral system that works in aberration of all that is decent in human society, it is sad and indeed regrettable that Ghana is leading the way on how to conduct a free, transparent and credible election. Compared with the sordid and outrightly corrupt charade conducted in April 2007, the general election in Ghana serves a redeeming function to Nigeria’s disgraceful conduct, which earned it the general thumb down of the entire international community.

 “The sparkling conduct of the Ghanaian election continues to shame and heap opprobrium on the vermin that deliberately and shamelessly concocted the macabre charade of April 2007 in Nigeria and it is indeed disheartening that Ghana continues to show Nigeria the way to decent conduct of state affairs. At a time when there is a deliberate effort by the beneficiaries of the rouge charade in Nigeria to misrepresent issues so as to free Maurice Iwu from his just judgment with history, it is laudable that Ghana has forcefully brought to the fore the rouge system the PDP has stolen into the Nigerian electoral system and from which is unjustly plundering the resources of the country.

 “That the opposition won the Ghanaian election only reifies the ugliness of Maurice Iwu and his INEC, which was seamlessly put at the services of the PDP in the last shambolic elections for the sole purpose of rubber-stamping PDP’s corrupt quest for limitless power. It is good that the international community gave a testimony that the crooked system supervised by Iwu failed Nigerian people, which is why we must rejoice with Ghanaians who were never made to pass through the excruciating mockery which Nigerians were subjected to in April 2007 hence the objective result from their credible exercise.

 “While we salute the government and people of Ghana for this commendable democratic feat, we urge Nigerians, once again, to fight for a credible democratic order by ensuring that the evil order the PDP has perpetrated in Nigeria for the past nine years is done away with and that the Nigerian people are given back their potency to choose whoever governs them. Lagos AC calls on all Nigerians to see the positive democratic developments from Ghana as added challenge to free this country from the corrupt grips of the PDP and the monsters with which it has reduced Nigeria to a laughing stock among all other nations of the world.”

 Joe Igbokwe

Publicity Secretary,

Lagos AC.

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