Dear Editors,
 It grieves me deeply to write this letter to you and i hope it will be published in your newspapers.
 Recently, Nigerians celebrated the victory of the Governorship candidate (Comrade Adams Oshiomole) of the Action Congress (AC) in the last general elections in Edo State handed over to him by the Election petitions Tribunal in the State.
I must say that the people of Edo State and indeed all Nigerians were glad that the vibrant labour leader we knew (or thought we knew) is now the duly elected Governor of Edo State. Our hopes were high and expectations enormous.
Looking back now, we are begining to see a different side of our ex labour leader. He has refused to take any positive step towards moving the people of Edo State forward instead he has been condemning his predecessor in office. I have never seen this kind of charade before in Governance. He has refused to profer solutions to the problems of the state but instead he is busy excoriating his predecessor. Why cant he take a cue from his counterpart in Lagos State, Governor Fashola? Anybody in Lagos can attest to the fact that Governor Fashola has done a lot in the little time he has been in office an dhe is still doing more to the admiration of all. It is obvious for anyone to see and applaud the level of development that has taken place in Lagos since he assumed office.
I thought education is the best legacy and that any true Government that is interested in the welfare of its people would take education seriously but not Governor Oshiomole. For instance, he dissolved the governing council of the State University (Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma) because the council was put in place by his predecessor and he has not replaced the Governing council (even if it is with his own people) yet. Imagine a University without its governing council, what kind they do? what progress can they make? what major decisions can they take? Governor Oshiomole has mortgaged the life of our future leaders in this university just because he wants to chase shadows. This is not fair and its a big shame that someone we trusted as resulted to playing "carrot and stick" politics with the peoples' mandate.
Can somebody call this straying Governor to check? Can he start providing for the people of Edo State by delivering the dividends of democracy to them, Can he provide basic infrastructure necessary for development? Can he put food on the table for them?
It is only after he has done the above that he would have the power or moral justification to reprobate the work(s) of his predecessor. Right now, he has nothing to show for his stay in office.
Governor Oshiomole, start acting and stop playing to the gallery, the people who put you in office are watching you expectant of what you promised to deliver to them.
Concerned Nigerian

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