Nigeria’s sickly leader, Umaru Yar’adua, will be going to Saudi Arabia for medical care, according to a statement by his spokesperson.

The surprise public announcement of Yar’adua’s treatment follows a series of foreign medical trips that were concealed from the public – and exclusively exposed by Saharareporters. Last month, we reported that Yar'adua secretly visited a hospital in Rome while attending the G8 meeting. That revelation of Yar’adua’s hidden medical sojourn led him to return home.

Yar’adua’s health woes resurfaced during his recent state visit to Brazil where he collapsed and needed resuscitation, according to information from a Brazilian source and corroborated by an aide traveling with him.

Also, sources to Yar’adua told Saharareporters that, during a recent visit to Egypt, Yar'adua met with doctors flown in from Germany. He spent four days in the care of the German doctors in Egypt, returning home in time to co-chair a fraudulent cancer fundraiser by his wife, Turai, which raked in N10 billion.

Yar'adua is expected to stay in Saudi Arabia for one or two weeks, according to medical sources knowledgeable about his medical condition.

Yar'adua had managed to keep up an appearance of a healthy individual by visiting party carpetbaggers and attending public events that have taken a serious toll on his fragile health. Our sources said Yar'adua's health has continued to deteriorate despite his public attempts to project a portrait of robust health. “His showy appearances were made possible by the use of anabolic steroids,” disclosed one of our sources.

The illegitimate president suffers from Churg Strauss disease. The disease has caused a progressive decline in his organ functions, especially his kidneys.

Yar'adua is scheduled to leave Nigeria as soon visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ends her visit.

It is unclear if Yar'adua would undergo a long overdue kidney transplant during this trip.

In a separate development, Saharareporters has learnt that Yar'adua was considering making some cosmetic changes to his cabinet after he returns from the medical treatment. His kitchen cabinet members have reportedly designed a scheme to “create the illusion of action to fool the Nigerian public.” Our sources said the idea was to boost Yar’adua’s image by removing one or two controversial ministers.

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