Man, the very image of the Almighty, the breath of the living God. With the power to dominate, subdued and subjugate whatever dwells in the world, man subjugated the earth all right but at an enormous cost to his fellow man. Man turned what God designed to be a paradise into a living hell.

The Almighty blessed man with everything. He planned for man never to lack a single thing. For all this, He demanded obedience to a simple instruction. Everything I created I give to you but keep away from only one.
The creature called man listened to the voice of deceit; he did what his maker forbade him. Man instead of a sense of remorse, turned around and blamed another for his disobedience. Why do men fail to take responsibility for their actions?
A man would smile and pat another at the back. He would not baulk at stabbing the same man at the back. What is wrong with our nature? Why is the milk of kindness missing in our make up?
Those who climbed the ladder of success made sure the ladder cease to exist. No other must find their way up there. Many at the bottom don’t care to climb but want to lay their hands on the ladder to pull down those sitting up there. If I catch up with him I kill him, if I don’t I smash his heel. That is the way of man.

Why, why, why? Why is man never happy to behold the success of another? The one that succeed, schemes to stop another from finding the way?
Man created money to aid transaction, to enable him exchange among his kind without the encumbrances of trade by barter. What man created to serve him becomes his master. Man will kill, he will maim; he will go to any length to acquire this creation only to waste it on ephemeral things of his world. The world that is only but a fleeting shadow that shows momentarily and disappeared.

The injunction that it never profits to gain the world bounces off man’s brain like a ball kicked against a concrete wall. He pushed and shoves. He uses both foul and devilish means to achieve his aim. At the end, he ends up six feet below the ground.

Why is wickedness part of our make up? The Holy Book said everything created by our maker is perfect. Why then is man such an imperfect creature? A lion is a ferocious animal, so also is the leopard. This is known so we keep our distance. With men, no one is sure where he stands. An amiable and a benign character may turn out a deadly killer.

You cannot tell a man’s construction from his face. This saying of Shakespeare is true in all aspect of man’s interaction with his fellow man. The smile of a brother may well turns out to be a veneer covering the deadly poison of a rattlesnake. That offer of help from a friend may signify the beginning of a journey to the bottomless pit.

Yes, Man contributed a lot to the development of nature, but for every positive step, he replaces with five negative ones. While he enacted laws to protect the animals, he gleefully constructed weapons of mass destruction not to kill the animals but his fellow humans. He justifies his actions and calls it war. What is war if not a political murder?

He pleads and cajoles his fellows to give him power with a promise to better their lot. He promises them the good life and a foretaste of paradise. He pretends to care, he even decry their suffering and admonish their tormentors. Put me up there and I’ll guarantee you life abundance.

The day he gets there is the day he cease to care. Woe betides those who remind him of his promises to better their lot. Promises made but not fulfilled. He would stop at nothing to teach such ignoramus he is no more in their league. Why should he bother to fulfil promises made at the heat of electioneering? Who does not know that such promises are only made to be broken?

Those who don’t know where to draw the line, he puts under lock and key mouthing slogan that it is for the good of all. The interest of the ruler is synonymous with the interest of all.
Oh! Man what a pitiable creature you are.

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