The Daily Trust of Thursday October 8 2009 page 4 carried the above caption, whereby Honourable Depo Oyedokun from Oyo state (P.D.P), who is the chairman House committee on Youth and social development stated that, 23m Nigerian youths are unemployed. It is joyful to know that, the political office holders who in the right and better position to help in tackling the problem are aware of such calamity but it is dishearten to know that, the present administration is not serious in addressing this issue. 

According to 2006 population census (head count) Nigeria has over 140 Million people, out of these number, youth in Nigeria constitute 50% of the population and 95% of the youth population is currently under employed and unemployed is equally not contestable and those who are employed the wages they earned cannot at all sustain them.

Every youth has the right to good life, qualitative education, good health, right of expression and the right to job opportunity (employment) among others, but yet in the society, youths die due to lack or poor health care delivery, starvation, youth roam the streets in search of livelihood and employment with a hope for the future. I don’t know what this government has planned or is planning to assist the large segment of unemployed youths in this country.  

If people do not have work, they  do no make any money, thus high of unemployment lead to huger, diseases, crime and chromic poverty. According to survey conducted by UNICEF, it shows that   about 71% of Nigerian lives below poverty line. The poor are made up to 36% who are the cone poor and 35% who are moderately poor. 29% are not poor. The number of people who are wealthy enough not to feel the pinch of the hardship in only about 3% of the population, a negligible number on a   country of over 140 million.

Most disturbing is the frustrating of poverty and unemployment in most Nigerians is the negligence of abundance resources (potentials) which if utilized it will make all Nigerians happy but on the contrary. Also the businessmen, elite and government most especially seem not to realize or consider these endemic concept of poverty and unemployment so serious which use to even make or lead the youths commit suicide in recent times which is very uncommon or unusual.  The time the women and youths ministry was one, before President Yad’adua alienated it to two, there were so many workshops, seminars, trainings and empowerment programmes organized severally for women, but if I may quest right, I don’t think such opportunity was or is given to the youths as such. To be candid I am not against the women empowerment (as mothers) but the youth should also be considered as well.

 The point in time, we are appealing to the Senate, House committees and Honorable Minister on Youth and social development, under the present administration of Malam Umar Yar’adua we hope and pray our population (number) rights and reliance to the society will be sincerely recognized (Considered)

 We hope to have less  Youth on the Streets and other places more in schools and other employed. The Nigeria Youth. Him aspire to be responsible citizens. We will shun or say No to drug abuse,  fraud, corruption and other social rice’s. We say No to militancy, laziness and political thugs. We will be law abiding, committed and we promised to be great leaders of tomorrow. If Nigerian youth continue to commit suicide or die due to frustration, deprivation, negligence and alike, who will take the mantle of leadership in Nigeria .

At the point in time, the Youths should reminded that their stage (youthful age) is the most critical period in a persons life is his youthful years. These are years or times that he or she is still energetic and full of vigour. Youthful age is the period that determine the remaining period of his or her life when he or she does not have the strength to strive and struggle again if a youth use this opportunity to do the right things by challenging him or herself to what is correct will build the person and stay forever and you will be useful to yourself, your family, your community, your country and to humanity in general. May God help us. Amen.  


Adamu Muhd Usman

Kafin-Hausa, Jigawa State

[email protected]

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