Nigeria a country blessed with different resources and many great men and women whose track records span through years of life’s endeavours has in the recent times found herself in so many evil waters, these evils are being perpetrated by some men and women whose stock in trade is to fulfil their barbaric desire at the detriment of the populace. This profiling is for future references, in other to provide information on those that destroyed our country because of their greedy and selfish interest.
Umaru Musa Yar’Adua
The 2007 (s)elected, Supreme Court declared President of Nigeria.  Yar’Adua was former governor of Kastina State where he sickly served for 8yrs. At the time of 2007 elections then President Obansanjo, used everything within his reach to install a catastrophically sick Umaru Yar’Adua. Soon after he was declared the winner of the worst election ever conducted in Nigeria by one Prof Maurice Iwu, the fraudulent chairman of INEC. Yar’Adua began his unprecedented medical trips which saw him travelling from Germany to Saudi Arabia, each time Yar’Adua embarked on his numerous medical travels, he fails to comply with the section 145 of the 1999 Constitution which states that he writes the National Assembly when on medical vacation or incapable of office. Umaru Musa Yar’Adua is the Subject of the Cabal (SOC).

Turai Yar'Adua

Hajia Turai Yar’Adua who is described as an over-ambitious, power-drunken, uncontrollably-greedy first lady is the Wife of Umaru Yar’Adua. Mrs Yar’Adua epitomises bad wife, bad mother, and bad sister. She became known for her greed to hold onto power at all cost, this same woman reportedly said “her husband would rather die in office than be ex president” Mrs Yar’Adua prevented everyone including Umaru Yar’Adua’s own mother and sisters from seeing their own blood. She had on several occasions used her loud-mouth as weapon of insults on elder statesmen who insisted or suggested Umaru Yar’Adua complete obedience to the constitution.  Turai Yar’Adua is the Head of the Cabal (HOC)

Yusuf Tilde

Yusuf Tilde is the notorious Chief Security Officer to the President. This Bauchi born former Director of State Security Services is hand of Esau in this charade. Yusuf Tilde is described as conservative but reasonably intelligent with good writing skills. He surreptitiously handles affairs for Mr. Yar’Adua and has become one of the president’s most trusted aides. Yusuf Tilde assumed presidential functions by prerogating himself the right to treat files, endorse documents, and grant presidential approvals on behalf of the president whose failing health hampers productivity. Mr Tilde is highly corrupt and has enriched himself immensely. Yusuf Tilde is the Executor in Chief of the Cabal (ECC)

James Ibori

James Ibori is a former governor of the oil rich Delta State, a career thief who feasted on Delta State collective wealth. James Bond as widely called is a man who should not have been governor but-for the nature of Nigerian politics. James Ibori started his criminal career in 1990 the UK; he was convicted on several fraudulent offences which include Credit Card Fraud, Identify Theft, Dishonesty, Roofing Sheets Theft, amongst others. James Ibori spent more than 10 billion naira of Delta State earnings on Umaru Yar’adua’s 2007 election, that investment brought him very close to the family. He currently faces criminal proceedings in the UK and Nigeria courts. James Ibori is the Chief Financier of the Cabal (CFC)

Tanimu Yakubu

Tanimu Yakubu is the Economic Adviser to the President, a gentleman of corrupt practices; He is described as highly intelligent and knowledgeable in fraudulently “fixing the books”. Mr Yakubu has since become the man-Friday of the Yar’Adua’s from his days in Yar’adua’s Kastina government where he served in the finance portfolio. It is known that most bribes and kick-backs going to the Umaru Yar’adua family are expressly routed through Mr Tanimu Yakubu for onward delivery. Mr Yakubu a trusted ally of the yar’Adua’s will do anything possible to maintain the status quo so-as-to protect the vast looting interests of the greedy family. Mr Tanimu Yakubu is a Chief Cabal of the Cabal (CCC)

Michael Aondoakaa

Dethroned Attorney General of Federation and Minister for Justice. Chief Aondoakaa is better known as the Attorney General of Fraud due to his various meddling in cases that offered him bribes. Mike Aondoakaa used his office as weapon of intimidation and gateway of bribes. He defended those who could meet his financial demands & prosecuted any who did not meet his outrageous demands. Mr Aondoakaa was handy for the Yar’Adua’s greedy Cabal; he used every legal tactics to make sure the Vice President didn’t assume full Presidential powers. Nigeria’s 1999 constitution has new interpretations given by Aondoakaa, who goes about introducing alien cultures that do not have precedence in Nigeria. Aondoakaa was removed from office and sent to do-nothing office as special duties Minister. Chief Michael Aondoakaa is the Legal Adviser of the Cabal (LAC)

Mustapha Onovieda

Col. Mustapha Onovieda is Umaru Yar’Adua’s Aide De Camp (ADC). The little known Mustapha Onovieda is one of the few people who have access to the incapacitated President. His loyalty to his boss has been unflinching and his commitment waxed stronger when the latest medical trip was prolonged. It is in public information that he, Mustapha together with Yusuf Tilde barred the Acting President from seeing the President. Mustapha Onovieda is the Enforcement Caucus Member of the Cabal (ECM)

Sayyadi Abba-Ruma

Dr Ruma is visage wise baby-faced but corrupt Minister of Agriculture in Yar’Adua’s snail-presidency. He, Ruma was former member of Yar’Adua Kastina Government; his ministry was recently indicted by the Senate of the republic as a conduit pipe for looting, Dr Ruma since this charade started spent more time with the Cabal, plotting dubious strategies than he has been in his office attending to his job. Ruma is also known to have Shady interest in the Niger-Delta oil lands. Dr Abba-Ruma is a Caucus Member of the Cabal (CMC)

Ibrahim Babangida (IBB)

Gen Babangida a Military Dictator who fancied to be addressed by the appellation "ex Military President” in order to conceal nefarious activities he committed and continues to commit in Nigeria. Babangida toyed with the destiny of many Nigerians when he held illegal power for 8yrs, under his watch; many people were jailed or killed for no crimes, except calling for democratic government.  He is believed to have master-minded the killing of Dele Giwa a former editor of a Nigerian Newspaper. Gen Babangida looted the treasury of Nigeria and has since been celebrated by a few whose wish is to see Nigeria remaining perpetually backward.  Babangida is playing useful behind-the-scene role in aiding the Cabal in their quest to rule Nigeria on “Oga said” principle. General Ibrahim Babangida is a Consultant to the Cabal (CTC)

Abdullah Garba Aminchi,

Ambassador Aminchi is the current Nigerian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Aminchi became very handy for the cabal when he was posted to Saudi Arabia; he served Kastina State as Deputy Governor to Umaru Yar’Adua during his last 4 years as Governor. Since the current political vacuum was created, Aminchi played leading roles in maintaining the status quo. He is one of the people that constantly misinformed Nigerians and the world about the true medical state of Yar’Adua. If there is any decency left in a man, the name Garba Aminchi will not be mentioned. Ambassador Aminchi is the Saudi Spokesman of the Cabal (SSOC)

Isa Yuguda

Isa Yuguda is the current Buachi State governor, a former Minister and a proud in-law of the Yar’Adua’s. By virtue of marriage Isa Yuguda is one of the closest members of the one sided anti-democracy Governor Forum, a privileged member who abandoned his office for Saudi in search of Umaru Yar’Adua. Isa Yuguda is one of the problems of Nigeria; he served as a Minister under Pres. Obasanjo. The highly corrupt Governor spent a whooping amount (#2billion) to marry the President’s daughter. Isa Yuguda is illusively positioned as the Vice President should Yar’Adua finally accept that he has been long incapacitated. Gov Isa Yuguda is an Interceding Member of the Cabal (IMC)

Bukola Saraki

The Present Chairman of the unconstitutional and oppressive Governors forum is the Governor of Kwara State. Dr Bukola Saraki is a medical doctor turned bank executive and later politician who has his father, a man holding the “uneducated” people of Kwara State to random, to thank. Bukola Saraki together with his father inflicted the worst banking woes on the everyday market man and woman whose hard earn monies were stolen by the Saraki family. A country that is serious wouldn’t allow the likes of Bukola Saraki near its public till, but Nigeria it’s a different story. Dr Bukola Saraki made a tyrant out of the supposed social Governor’s forum. Bukola Saraki whose fancy is to become President in 2011 is a Member of the Cabal Caucus (MCC)

Adamu Aliero

Senator Aliero is the present incompetent Minister of FCT; he was in charge of Kebbi State’s purse as Governor where he had unrestricted access to the treasury. Senator Adamu Aliero’s closeness to the Yar’Adua’s family is like toothpaste and toothbrush. He handed over to another Governor in-law of the Yar’Adua’s, and was duly compensated with a Ministerial appointment for his role in rigging then soon-to-be Yar’Adua’s in-law to office. Senetor Aliero is grossly incompetent, little wonder why he spends more time with the cabal instead of doing his job, Mallam El-Rufia’s Abuja which was a pride city, has turn to an eye sore. Since Yar’Adua episode started, the Minister has played the role of an informant to the Cabal. He was also the on-ground executing officer the day Yar’Adua returned. Senator Adamu Aliero is the Informant of the Cabal (IOC)

Dimeji Bankole

The gap toothed massive liped Dimeji Bankole is the speaker of the Federal House of confusion (Representative). A young Oxford graduate, whose emergence brought about hope for the young generation, Dimeji Bankole has since turned into a bully in the House where he supposed to maintain neutrality; he has also been fingered in wholesome fraudulent dealings in the House. From the popular PAN scandal to the exotic bullet proofed automobiles together with sundry property purchases. Dimeji Bankole is a bad example of young people in power; he holds the position as the Protector of the Status quo in the Cabal’s Quest. (PSQ)

Shehu Inuwa Imam

56 years old former Local Government Chairman in Kastina State represents Faskari/Kankara Sabuwa constituency in the Federal House of Representative. Shehu Inuwa who is a loyalist of the Yar’Adua’s together with Dimeji Bankole (Speaker) controls the billions of naira budgeted for bribing members the members of the lower House. He Shehu used every act to make sure the House did not take any positive step in dealing with the Yar’Adua issue. Shehu a national certificate of education holder has not sponsored any bill in the House. Shehu Inuwa Imam is the Legislative Liaison officer to the Cabal (LLO)

Gen. Abdurahman Dambazau

Is the present Chief of Army Staff from Kastina State, who undermined the office of the seating Commander in Chief to protect his financial interest, Gen Dambazau became known in his handling of the Jos genocide where he ordered killing of many people to the protection of his clad, and he actively participated in the midnight return of Yar’Adaua. Disregarding the office of the Commander in Chief, Gen Dambazau deployed troops from the Brigade of Guards to the streets of Abuja and the International Airport where a commando styled return of Yar’Adua was staged. He is known to have a huge corrupt interest in the Niger Delta oil land (see Sahara Reporters) General Abdurahman Dambazau is the Commandant of the Cabal (CC)

Thisday Newspaper & Nduka Obaigbena

Thisday newspaper and its owner Mr Nduka Obaigbena seem to have played different roles in Umaru Yar’Adua’s presidency. The newspaper became a tool for propaganda and image selling of the cabal and their evil plans. Whenever the truth is about to come to light, Thisday will in all effort print out absolutely outrageous lies to delude & change the mindset of the people. Thisday Newspaper is fond of telling sweet tales of Yar’Adua’s home coming & 25 minutes exercise regime. ThisDay Newspaper is the Propaganda in Chief of the Cabal (PCC)

Daily Trust Newspaper
Daily Trust Newspaper is one of the worst newspapers to read, it is believed to be a tribalistic and hate instigating print media. A print media, that is in the business of lies and pro-northern establishment. Since this Yar’Adua’s charade began, the Daily Trust newspapers aligned with the Cabal in peddling wrong and deceptive information. It is a pillar to post affairs of lies either of how Yar’Adua drinks tea and eat biscuits or of how he played squash in Saudi Arabia and the grandfather-grandchildren Aso Rock tales. Daily Trust Newspaper has now become the Tribalist Media Supporter of the Cabal (TMSC)

Ojo Maduekwe

Mr Maduekwe is the Foreign Minister, who according to him knows the mind of the president to the extent he need no clearance from him in carrying out his functions. This same man in 2009 spent close to 2 billion naira touring around the world, when most workers of his ministry are owed 2 months unpaid wages. Ojo Maduekwe is a career political prostitute who seems to bed different governments no matter the ideas behind the government. Ojo Madukwe defended the incapable Yar’adua when he appeared on BBC hard talk by telling the world, he was a part of the few that wrote the 1999 constitution. Ojo further told the world there is nothing wrong if Yar’Adua chooses to stay away from the country as long as he wanted, because he is not obliged to fulfil the section 145.  Ojo Maduwkwe is an Active Member of the Cabal (MOC)

Aliko Dangote

Chairman of Dangote group, A greedy monopolist who facilitates his proximity around any seating government so to protect his tax evasive business dealings. He was reported to have jointly invested huge capital in the (s)election of Yar’Adua. Aliko Dangote uses his strong hold on governments as a getaway to enlarge his monopoly. In other to maintain the status quo, Dangote put enough money down to be used for bribing and maiming of oppositions. Aliko Dangote is the Financier of the Cabal (FOC)

Sarki Muhtar

Finally Sacked National Security Adviser who misadvised Acting President for the selfish interest of the cabal is a Retired Army General who by reason of his office, he is supposed to protect the office of the seating Commander in Chief; instead he would better protect the status quo than the Acting President. Gen Muhtar spearheaded the midnight Yar’Adua return, without informing the Acting President he carried out presidential orders bypassing the Commander in Chief. Muhtar was finally sacked after a failure to communicate sensitive security information’s to the seating Commander in Chief. The highly compromised former NSA is Security Adviser to Cabal (SAC)

Segun Adeniyi

A former public anti-status-quo journalist, who later became a member of the clique, is the Media Assistant to the President. Since he became the voice of the president Segun departed from everything he fought about over this years. Mr Adeniyi is a typical example of how a person without opportunity behaves when he finally gets one. Segun engaged in “Oga said, Oga did not say” misinformation. He sold lies upon lies to Nigerians about the ill state of his boss; the media was handy to Mr Adeniyi for easy manipulation. Mr Adeniyi is the Spokesman for the Cabal (SMC)

Timipre Sylva

The Corrupt Governor of Bayelsa State is the immediate successor of the Acting President who left office as governor of Bayelsa State to contest the 2007 election with Umaru Yar’Adua. Gov Timipre Sylva’s only achievement in Bayelsa State is the successful listing of the State amongst those governed by incompetent, corrupt and greedy people. Majority of Bayelsa State remains in the dark, instead of devoting time to his job that will bring the state to light; the Governor spends more time and state resources fighting the Acting President with the support of the Cabal who has no interest in Bayelsa. Timipre Sylva is highly regarded by the cabal in the fight to maintain status quo because of the billions he is injecting into the project. Governor Timipre Sylva is a Strategic Member of the Cabal (SMC)

Ibrahim Shema

Governor Shema is the current governor of Yar’Adua’s home State (Kastina). Shema who is supposed to be focused on his (s)elected job as the chief executive of the state goes about from Abuja to Saudi to Dubai from one cabal meeting to the next all in-order to maintain the present status quo. Governor Shema who is not a national name, has since this evil plotting started enlisted his name into the inglorious book of the shameless cabal. There is nothing worthy to write of him, besides the obvious amount he stole from Kastina State treasury to finance the projects of the cabals. He Gov Ibrahim Shema is the Member of the Cabal Caucus (MCC)
Peoples Democratic Party
Peoples Democratic Party is anything but democratic in its doings. The largest party in Africa as claimed by them is known as party of killers, looters and unintelligent people. PDP parades mediocre public officers who hate anything called free and fair elections even in its internal sphere. The same party that gave us darkness, fuel scarcity, bad roads, looters, heart breaks, sleepless nights and sick Yar’adua amongst many others still dream to retain power for another 60yrs. Since the Yar’Adua drama stated, the party told Nigerians to-go-to hell as they went to sleep pretending that all is well. PDP will go down as the party that destroyed Nigeria’s democracy. PDP is the Party of the Cabal (POC)
Governor’s forum

The unconstitutional social club that transformed into “men’s cult” is at the fore-front of maintaining the Status quo. The group’s only interest is greed and helping 7 of their members stay in the course. The seven members are ISA YUGUDA, TIMIPRE SYLVA, BUKOLA SARAKI, ADAMS OSHIOMHOLE, GABRIEL SUSWAM, USMAN SA'IDU NASAMU DAKINGARI AND IBRAHIM SHEMA. The Governors forum now plays greedy national elders roles, a position that is not part of their mission of purpose. The Governor forum is the Friends of the Cabal (FOC)
Senators Ibrahim Ida, Mahmoud Kanti-Bello and Garba Lado

Senator of the republic played significant roles in the drama. They are in habit of organising counter-forces whenever the debate on Yar’Adua’s health issue comes on the floor of the Senate, this is achieved by mobilizing other senate members from the North in an attempt to dislodge any hearing/action required to urge Yar’Adua in complying with the section 145 of the constitution. They senators represent Yar’Adua’s home state in the upper chamber of the National Assembly. Senators Ibrahim Ida, Mahmoud Kanti-Bello and Garba Lado are Upper Legislative Hands of the Cabal (ULH).

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