What drives our fierce opposition to the planned run for the presidency of Nigeria by Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida in 2011, one may ask? It is because of our moral, legal and political obligation to speak up and stand up against any and all evil; and Babangida is an embodiment of everything evil, satanic and demonic. Icheoku cannot in good conscience just sit aside and do nothing, and watch this beast of Minna assume power once again over the destiny of Nigerians as well as their commonwealth funds and resources.
Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida is politically, totally and completely, damaged in perpetuity by his brutish antecedents and zero-tolerance for democratic opposition, that his present adventure is for lack of a better word, an affront and a foolery. The once maximum and absolute ruler of Nigeria and for eight long and ardious years, tortured, maimed and killed so many Nigerians that only moronic vampires from out of space and some deranged Nigerian retards, would wish for his second coming back to power.

Icheoku feels so offended by this Babangida's confrontational gesture and frontal attack on our general sensibilities that we wish him a sudden cardiac arrest and/or painful slow death. If we had our way, it would have been his late wife long ago mourning him and not the other way round? How dare this animal think that Nigeria is his for the asking; and that after the painful ordeal Nigerians went through under his draconian hand, especially the agonizing June 12th nightmare from which Nigeria has yet to fully recover, that he will be heralded into Aso Rock with pomp and pageantry? This really shows how contemptible Babangida holds Nigerians, indeed; to think that it is now ok to disturb our psyche once again, and that his mortal sins has since been forgiven, and so easily, one may say? It is either Babangida's brain is firing counter-clock wise or he has completely lost the control of his faculties; and has become so brain-damaged and permanently deranged that he thinks he can get away with the criminality of his eight years gestapo regime? Not this time, Nigerians are wiser and braver to tolerate or squeamishly turn tails not at his name's mention and not at his unsightly sightings?

For a little over-view, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida as a serving army man, actively participated in the coup that overthrew Nigeria's second republic democratically elected civilian government of President Alhaji Shehu Shagari in December 1983. Two years later in 1985, Babangida again overthrew the military government of Muhammadu Buhari which he had earlier helped to bring to power through the military coup de tat that overthrew Shagari. In 1993 Babangida again assaulted democracy and the people of Nigeria when he wickedly annulled the freest and fairest election ever held in Nigeria which saw MKO Abiola as president-elect of Nigeria; but for Babangida's unbridled capacity to do evil. Babangida was subsequently forced to flee the seat of power by unceasing and seething political protests; and hurriedly and shamelessly stepped aside from power in 1993. Now, 17 years later, he drunkenly desires to come back to power to continue his reign of terror, from where he had stopped in 1993? But if he thinks Nigerians will tolerate him this time, then he has another thing coming!

Icheoku says, an intention is one thing and then the actualization of such intention is another. Nigerians are vigilant and will be held responsible should Babangida ever find his way back to power again, inclusive 2011; whether by crook or otherwise by design and manipulation. Babangida's presidency in 2011 must not happen and cannot happen and will not happen; not under our watch and within the polity of a one united Nigeria. If he is the only candidate the entire north could find, then they must be prepared for a Nigeria without the south; otherwise they should retire from their head, the idea of a President Babangida ever governing a one united Nigeria again, never! Ordinarily, if not for the type of country Nigeria is, where corruption is the name of the game; with notoriously corrupt men and women holding sway in practically every turn and corner of Nigeria, a person with Babangida's awful past records, would not be still walking with swagger throughout the land a freeman; talk-less of adding insult to injury by now declaring his intention to run for president and to rule Nigerians again? Icheoku condemns this imprudent arrogance of his as very shameful and haranguing; and very damaging to the psyche of every rational Nigerian and says, it must be stopped by all and every means necessary. Babangida does not deserve the seat of power but the seat of an electric chair; or be tied down at the stake and shot by firing squad for all the atrocious ills he visited on Nigerians. This man has no brains and if he has any, it must be made of jello with no iota of grey matter inside it otherwise who is advising this latest bullcrap of his presidency?

It is in a step to stop Babangida from his fantastical dream of utopia and since the Nigeria government has so far refused and/or neglected to arrest Babangida and try him for all his crimes against the humanity in Nigeria; that Icheoku has taken it upon itself to indict Babangida in the court of public opinion, with a 9 counts felony criminal charges! Upon his conviction, which is assured, Babangida will be rendered unfit for the office of Nigeria's president since convicts cannot be president. Now, Icheoku says to Babangida, before you leap and throw your hat fully into the ring for the presidency, how do you plead to the following charges:-

COUNT 1. - That you, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, while sitting as Nigeria's military head of state, surreptitiously took Nigeria into the membership of an Islamic organisation, Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC); fully aware that Nigeria is a secular republic and without consulting the then Supreme Military Council or Nigeria's council of heads of states or other opinion leaders to know what they think about Nigeria's membership of such a religious organisation. And without any care or regard about its ramifications; and that such unilateral and arbitrary decision was capable of igniting religious war among the different religiosity and organisations in Nigeria; and thus capable of ending the entity known as Nigeria? Babangida how do you plead to count 1, guilty or not guilty?

COUNT 2. - That you Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, while in the same office as above, authorized and sponsored the coup of Blaire Campore that killed Captain Thomas Sankara of Upper Volta and supported this your fellow coupist, Blaire Campore, to take power and he is still sitting in the president's office till today. Babangida how do you plead to count 2, guilty or not guilty?

COUNT 3. - That you Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, as Nigeria's military head of state, amassed inexplicably stupendous wealth, which source you are yet to explain to Nigerians; thereby transforming yourself from an ordinary army man with an almajiri background to today's multi-billionaire crook in dollars and pounds Sterling. Babangida how do you plead, guilty or not guilty?

COUNT 4. - That you, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida institutionalized corruption in Nigeria and allowed 419 operators to thrive; with some notorious Surulere Lagos based kingpins moving about in your government approved mobile-police convoys; one of who reputedly barked orders to Inspector General of police and his deputies and underlings? Further that you boisterously touted your settlement ability to corrupt Nigerians, when you declared that but for late Chief Gani Fawehinmi, every other Nigerian has a price? Babangida how do you plead, guilty or not guilty?

COUNT 5. - That you, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida flagrantly disrespected the Nigerian constitution and laws by ignoring and/or refusing to honor a judicial invitation to appear before a duly constituted Justice Oputa judicial panel of inquiry to testify. By this you undeservedly placed yourself above the law and diminished the notion that the law is supreme and supersedes every body within its jurisdictional reach. Babangida how do you plead to count 5, guilty or not guilty?

COUNT 6. - That you, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, failed and/or refused to retire Sani Abacha when you stepped aside and hence vicariously and negligently, responsible for all the misadventure in government of the midget of Kano Sani Abacha; including his murders of Pa Rewane, Kudirat Abiola, Ken Saro-Wiwa, etc and his blatant looting of the nation's treasury. That you Babangida went to Abacha's grave-site in Kano and poured encomiums on him as your idea of a "good" leader, will serve as aggravating circumstance upon your conviction. Babangida how do you plead to count 6, guilty or not guilty?

COUNT 7. - That you Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida failed and/or refused to account for the $12 billion dollars Iraq war oil windfall which accrued to Nigeria; and till today had stonewalled every inquiry therein to. This your action, lays credence to the suspicion that you appropriated and embezzled same; which in a way explains the source of your untold wealth, being a poor wretched almajiri-background army man, neither a trust-fund child nor a lottery winner. Babangida how do you plead to count 7, guilty or not guilty?

COUNT 8. - That you Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida or agents acting with your express authorization and/or tacit approval, murdered Dele Giwa, Mamma Vasta, Gloria Okon, Gideon Orkar and co, 132 military officers at the Ejigbo engineered plane crash, and all those students/protesters that your security goons killed under your watch; including the hundreds of thousands who perished during June 12th crisis. Babangida how do you plead to count 8, guilty or not guilty?

COUNT 9. - That you Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida annulled the freest and fairest election in Nigeria and till date, has not explained to Nigerians why annulling June 12th was necessary or publicly apologized for that infamy by saying you are sorry for that shameless and sinful act of infamy. Babangida how do you plead to count 9, guilty or not guilty?

Icheoku just realized that Babangida is not even in court to take his plea; as the scofflaw he is, who had in the past ignored a duly constituted Justice Oputa panel of inquiry; he has once again skipped court? Therefore, since these charges require no further and additional proof because they were perpetrated before millions of Nigerians who bear silent witnesses to these crimes; we shall proceed to try him in his absence. Babangida is hereby convicted on all charges. Icheoku'sverdict, BABANGIDA IS GUILTY AS CHARGED!

Babangida, who is wanted by the people of Nigeria to answer for all his crimes against them, but who is being protected by the government of Nigeria, which have so far refused to prosecute him for all the crimes he committed while in power, is now a convicted felon. A convicted felon cannot be president since he is so disqualified. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida is also not a democrat and still cavorts with military men who brought about unconstitutional changes of governments in Africa; his most recent hailing of Captain of Guinea's coup that toppled an elected and still existing government considered?

If the Sharia Islamic northern Nigeria wants Babangida as their president, so be it, they can have him as president of Sharia Islamic Arewa (Northern Nigeria) Republic? If the South-East with their conquered-people's mentality caves in and would accept his leadership of them, they too can have their president Babangida of the South-East? But these blocs alone does not constitute the entire Nigeria, as the South-West Yoruba, the home of the sons and daughters of Oduduwa, shall not have Babangida as president and will not watch it come to pass once they are still part of Nigeria. So it is either a Babangida's presidency will not happen or he will settle for a presidency of a fractured Nigeria and certainly without the Yoruba South-West.

Having indicted Babangida on behalf of the hundreds of millions of hapless Nigerians, his trial and conviction presumed; a guilty verdict on all counts is returned. This automatically disqualifies him and makes him ineligible to contest for any election; an unfit and improper person cannot seek the office of the president of Nigeria. If Babangida contests our verdict, let him appeal or ask for a de-novo trial and take a fresh plea and watch himself convicted again. If he is found guilty again, a prison sentence can be waived provided he publicly apologises to Nigerians for his transgressions; and say he is contrite and totally sorry for the path to nowhere in which he led Nigerians for eight agonizing years. Babangida is such a callous beast that were Icheoku to have its way, will be given a lethal dose of some potassium cocktail; and this remains our position with regard to the Babangida saga in Nigeria until formal charges are brought against him by the government and prosecuted for his past offences. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida is evil and evil thrives when good men fail to do something; therefore we have risen to disqualified him from running for the office of the president or any other office in Nigeria, being a convicted felon, and for the remainder of his natural miserable life! Away with Babangida, there is no chance for him in 2011 or any other time until Hell freezes over!

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