Thank God for death ( you shall live no more) that curtails the stubbornness nature of man. Last night, according to several news agencies both local and international broad-casted that President Umaru Yar’Adua is dead. We’ll all die for sure. No exemption regardless of what!
The life and death of Umaru Yar’Adua ought to teach us lesson for us the living. His story is of humble and successful background. A graduate of chemistry, former lecturer, former two-term governor, former president of Nigeria. I don’t know what else his ambition might be if he’s to live any further.

From what I read and event follow up especially during Yar’Adua’s sickness, Turai, Yar’Adua’s wife, played a vital role further detrimental to his health. We can see what greediness, excessive accumulation of wealth, power and influence can do. She refused several advice to get her husband resign to properly take care of his poor health. However, while nursing a sick husband, her primary interest is that name ‘her Excellency, that oil money, those ministerial positions, those mansions in Aso Rock and those power and influence. Madam, vanity upon vanity, all is vanity!

Who knows if Turai had moved her late husband out of Aso Rock (pressure area) to pay proper critical attention to her husband failing health he might live little longer irrespective of his health situation. Rather, she stayed put in Aso Rock not to lose power and influence and also to know every direction of ‘oil money’ including who get what!

This is an indication to us about un-necessary grip or serious attachment to materialism. Immoderate wish to acquire at all time both need and want requires control. In our daily lives, we hold and condone several vanities so extreme that it becomes our personality and signature. We promote the cause of evil here and there. We refuse to be who GOD created us to. We appreciate all kind of manipulations in our society today. We respect the loudest voice as against the best humble reason. We worship money and make God a part time partner. We intend to forget the great teaching that ‘thou shall die and thereafter face judgment’. Every day, we boast of excessive pride in appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements and what have you. A day, just one day, death will silent every bit of noise in you.      

Every death should be  a meaningful reminder to everyone. It’s turn by turn situation. It could be me or you in the next second regardless of how handsome/beautiful you are, irrespective of how much dollar reserved or the sophistication of knowledge in your head neither the volume or value of medical professionals and attention around you.

I further realized the goodness of living quality aftermath my father’s death last year. Everything dies off after death except righteousness and good name left. It’s only acquired through obedience to GOD’s WILL and love to mankind. Who am I to my environment, neighbors, friends and in my family? What is my spiritual and societal mannerism? Do i have a meaningful impact on people in my operating environment? Who do I promote or often represent, God,love or otherwise? If my name is mentioned what is the mood of the people, good or bad? Answers to these gives an insight of whom you are.

Anyway, my president is gone. The president of federal republic of Nigeria Alhaji Umaru Yar’Adua is dead. Though, I did not vote for you as also reportedly held that you were massively rigged in to became the president but I’ll pray that your soul rest in quiet peace. One favor, sir. Please, never cease to remember Nigeria and Nigerians you left in the hands of deep corruption, massive unemployment, battered society, mis-directed youths, negative infrastructure (road, electricity, water, and security), etc. You gone so soon at 59 years in the third year of your first term of four years.

More so, please visit every present and past leaders in Nigeria. Let them know that ‘death and to die is real’. And they can acquire all but will die with nothing. Please, do this favor in compensation for what you promised Nigerians during 2007 presidential election campaign that you will fix Nigeria’s problem. 

As I am talking toUmaru,we're better off to fix our lives while living. Depart from evil and embrace goodness of God at all time. Death is turn by turn business.
  Kindest Regards,
 Ugo Ubili

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