Earlier today former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo received a dose of the widespread hatred in which ordinary Nigerians hold him, when  a man forced his way into his car. The angry Nigerian believed to be in his 40s forced his way into his car, grabbed him by his "Agbada" and pummeled with vicious punches.

 The event took place near the Presidential lounge of the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos.  Two eyewitness sources told Saharareporters that the attack on Obasanjo took place shortly after Obasanjo entered his car at MMIA following his return from a trip.

The Sources said Mr. Obasanjo was saved by airforce personel on security duty at the airport. As the man was being pulled away, he was heard cursing Obasanjo that "God will punish for all his crimes against Nigerians."

 A police source told Saharareporters that when Obj assailant was brought into the police station and asked by interrogator, "are you crazy", the man replied, " if you say I am crazy what would you say about Obasanjo."

The man then further asked the police interrogator, whether (he) the assailant was the one the looted the funds of Nigeria, rigged elections and slept with his son's wife"
 Police authorities are detaining the man claiming that they are investigating his state of mental health.

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