One “patriots” imploration regarding our expression of outrage was that “these things happen”, the lot, (us) should go siddon.  Siddon look and concede to a calculable prediction.


What would this be? Hope that the illogicalness that led to the laconic internment will free his passport?

Wrong again, this is what they do in a free society.
They don’t sit still, whoever “they” are
Participate, Vote, Strike, Protest, and fight unintermittently. It’s how societies evolve and granted ours is taking a little longer.

Siddon look? I don’t think so!

My prior experience with the SSS predicted a termination of my self-imposed literary intermission. Not for the sake of furlough for furlough’s sake though. These political days makes the graduation from scrawling to partaking, reckonable.

By all accounts, if we chuck a few hours of inconvenience to dumbness and illiteracy, concede it as blatantly amateurish owing to Okey’s prevalence, we have lost and forfeited big time. Was it Abami Eda (“Fela” to the unfamiliar) that said you can’t dash me human rights and it goes on, paraphrasing that it belongs to him already.

Pity the orderly that will wake G.E.J and ask Oga, what should we do?

Dear KGB, the joke is on you, wrong person, wrong time, bad math.

Charles Sogbesan
A Political Satirist


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