Conference of Nigerian Political Parties {CNPP} calls on Professor Attahiru Jega led Independent National Electoral Commission {INEC} to give Nigerians CLEAN Automatic Fingerprint Identification System {AFIS} National Voters Register; commensurate with the N187billion expended on National Voters Registration.

In the final figures released last week, the total registered voters jumped from 67.7m to 73.5m, at the occasion Professor Jega said, ‘with this {final figure}, I can now say that in compliance with the provisions of the law, I have certified the register for the elections.’

CNPP is at a loss how the National Voters Register jumped from 67.7m to 73.5m; for simple arithmetic formulae shows that if common audit trail and in addition to the N187billion Automatic Fingerprint Identification System {AFIS}, were adopted by INEC to clean up the National Voters Register, the total figures naturally will be on the decrease not on the increase.

In the jumbo figures released by INEC for example -  States like Niger increased by 201%  from 721,478 to 2,175, 421, Benue 68% from 1,415,162 to 2,390,884, Bauchi 37.5% from 1,835,562 to 2,523,957, and Bayelsa 25.3% from 472,389 to 591,870.

We are worried that a rigged National Voters Register like the one Professor Jega released may wittingly or unwittingly confer unwarranted advantage to those who want the Peoples Democratic Party {PDP} to rule Nigeria for 200 years without commensurate service to the nation.

We had thought that N187billion was expended in the National Voters Registration exercise to give Nigerians a clean Voters Register. How on earth can this register be clean; when in a population of about 150million Nigerians with under 18 years about 60%, and above 18 years about 40% of the population?  It then becomes a big puzzle to have 73m above 18 years.
CNPP therefore challenges INEC to display state by state the analysis of the consolidated pre and post AFIS polling unit report, ward unit report, LGA unit report, for this will clearly gazette invalid, under age, multiple and valid AFIS Report and give us a CLEAN NATIONAL VOTERS REGISTER.

Osita Okechukwu
National Publicity Secretary

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