The Presidential candidate of the All Nigeria People’s Party, ANPP, Alhaji Ibrahim Shekarau, has vowed to bring nuclear power to Nigeria. He was speaking today at the Nigerian presidential aspirants’ forum in New York. The forum hosted by Nigeria Democracy Liberty Forum gave Nigerians in the Diaspora an opportunity to interact with presidential aspirants.

Alhaji Shekarau, who was represented at the forum by his director of communications Mr. Bala Muhammad, said that despite the explosion of the Japanese nuclear plant after Thursday’s earthquake, nuclear energy is still the safest and greenest form of energy available. He described as unacceptable the fact that Nigeria produces about 4000 megawatts of energy for over 150 million people when Ghana produces over 9000 megawatts of energy for about 40 million people.

Bala Muhammad touted the achievements of Gov. Shekarau in Kano state. Mallam Shekarau he said had shown commitment to all Nigerians who live in Kano. Since Shekarau became governor of Kano in 2003, he said, there had not been any political or religious crisis in Kano. Mr. Muhammad said that when Shekarau came into office, he rehired non-indigenous teachers fired by the previous government of Kano because they were perceived as not belonging to Kano. He also said that the governor appointed people of Igbo, Yoruba and Igalla extraction into his cabinet.

“Shekarau will bring something different to Nigeria,” Mr. Muhammad said. “He is for social justice and human development.”

Participants at the parliament asked the Shekarau team at the forum questions about Nigeria and the candidate’s plans for Nigeria should he win.

In answer to some of the questions, Mr. Muhammad said that Shekarau was the only candidate that went through a genuine party primary to become a candidate of his party. He flaunted the fact Shekarau is the son of a police man who grew up in the barracks and understood the psyche of the average Nigerian.

On the question of whether the Shekarau campaign supports the establishment of state police, Mr. Muhammad said that the Shekarau is against such a proposal because at our developmental level, the state police will create chaos. 

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