A group of women under the aegis of Concerned Nigerian Mothers (CNM)  today
staged a peaceful protest over the spate of post election killings and destruction of innocent lives going in the north. The protest was staged  in Abuja, Nigeria's federal capital territory. They called  on the government to find a lasting solution as a matter of urgency and necessity to stop the carnage and prevent future occurences.

The leader of the group, Hajia Mariam Ahmed while speaking to
journalists described the wanton destruction of lives and properties
as barbaric, gruesome and uncivilized, acts she said are capable of leading to the  disintegration of Nigeria .

She said that the group was so much concerned about the killing of their
sons, fathers and husband, victims of the post election violence are mostly breadwinners of the family, particularly the corps members who are participating in the election process, saying the aggrieved party should  use available legal channels to pursue their case instead of taking the law into their hands .

Ahmed wept profusely as she called on  President Goodluck Jonathan to find a way of stopping the carnage going on the northern part of the country .

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