This author is from Imo and very close to the government.  Most of us close to Ohakim who have defended an indefensible policies and agenda have asked the man to change for long. But what can one do when the man does not listen nor give a damn on what anyone says about him?

On fair credit to Ohakim and the PDP, there is no candidate in this election that could defeat the PDP machinery in the state. What is happening and probably misplaced commentaries is that the people of Imo state are extremely  very angry with Ohakim. The propagandas in the media that does not represent the conditions on the ground were mainly responsible. People outside Imo state know more about the state in the photo ups than those witnessing the reality on the ground. Some of us tried to discourage this “media government” but the advice felled into deaf ears.

One thing wrong about Nigeria media is they act like the politicians they cover. They are mostly  biased and paid contributors to the dialogue. If it was not for  Saharareporters, most of the things  Nigerians in particular and the world in general knew about the state of Nigeria governments would never to be known.

A case in point is Ikedi Ohakim of Imo State. If Nigeria media have done what they did on April 26 or ought to have done, when they zeroed and mirrored Imo state, they would have known that this election was already over before it started. Author writes with full knowledge of what is happening inside the Government House. Anybody connected with Ohakim who reads this piece will agree totally.

Normally, the news from Imo ( whether print or video)  are all stage managed, refurbished and hardly comes out proper. Contacting Nigeria media for a tipoff is like going to Nigeria police to report a crime, when for N20 the police will implicate the tipster. Author has no doubt that many of Ohakim’s friends and Cabinets are as disgusted with Ohakim just as the public are. People are wiser today  and cannot be fooled like in the past thanks to the internet, which has made journals like Saharareporters  bring the news at the door steps of every Nigerian with access to internet.

One thing that surprises many of us working with Ohakim is the commentaries  in the media that the election was ought to be smooth for Ohakim. If you people had paid attention to Imo state in the past three years, you will limit your saliva. People in Imo knew that this election was over before it got started, not for Rochas but to any strong contender irrespective of party or zone. It shows the desperation to make a change irrespective if zone.  Many of us inside the government circle talked about it and have feared losing the election all along.  Instead the governor would rather travel to Dubai or South Africa than to stay home to do his constitutional duty.

The entrance of Rochas got all of us by surprise I must confess. We believed that Hope Uzodinma (PDP), Martin Agbaso (APGA) and ARARUME (ACN) would be the major contenders. Rochas was not factored as we insiders assumed he will run for President in 2015, not to win but to gain a ministerial  or ambassadorial post. Too, he  lacks the finances required to  run for a successive  governorship election. But choosing APGA was the wisest political decision of the decades, as APGA is known for noise making, oratory prowess and excitements- Ojukwu blood. If Rochas wins as predicted, he will loot equally because he wants to use state funds to facilitate his 2015 Presidential ambition.
Ohakim had everything going for him, but he blew it.  Ask any insider they will confirm this. What are Ohakim’s sins

1.    Ohakim looted massively  more than any government that ever was established in Nigeria, in terms of percentages and all  pocked by himself, his family and one Commissioner of Local Government Kezie Ogaziechi, his former lawyer and writer of internet scam letters in  their 419 days in Lagos. This was unlike Udenwa who looted and shared among his followers who  now own the best houses, hotels and structures in Owerri. Let anyone go to New Owerri, Works Layout Estates, Aladinma Estate, Ikenegbu Estates and see Udenwa boys demonstrating wealth. The same is not for Ohakim. Majority of his boys can hardly fund their children’s education.

2.    Ohakim picked random unprovoked  and ambush style fights against most of his friends and allies, whom he suspected may appear to gain influence or relevance in Imo and cut  them down- politically and financially. That is one major reason all the people fighting Ohakim are his former friends, allies, or clansmen .

3.    Ohakim made the House of Assembly members to put many bad roads and infrastructural projects into the Imo state budgets, year after year. Then  each House member will be asked to endorse his N4billion security vote, which he never adhered to. In many instances his security vote will exceed N6-7billion per year. Most of the excesses will be channeled into vigilante programs in the watchful eyes of the House. Then he will never perform on the projects inserted into the budgets. Many of these House members would go home to announce to their constituencies that this or that project was in the budget and will soon be commissioned. ALL turned out to be false and the House members licking their wounds silently. He will promise them to re-introduce next year, and again and again. Upon all these, the funds for all these projects in the budget were all collected by Ohakim and no HOUSE member has the guts to question Ohakim.

4.    Ohakim no questioned received 100% support from PDP House of Assembly members, when Ohakim was a PPA governor. They gave him all the supports and legitimacy. He used them to fight his enemies, installed wasteful programs and promulgated laws designed to serve Ohakim only. By using the House of Assembly as errand house maids, and  he assumed that the House was inept and he concluded that he could topple them anytime. When the Primary elections started Ohakim saw an opportunity to eliminate the House of Assembly since he knew that these House members either will be embarrassed in the various communities for not delivery  and if they were allowed to come back will fight him since he misled them massively. It was on this, his political boys headed by Emma Ohakim his brother in  August 2010 meeting concluded that eliminating the House of Assembly from return ticket will serve Ohakim best. Sure during the election, the House of Assembly members had  neither money nor image to fight, and 17 out of 27 were eliminated by Ohakim. So how can anyone assume that these House members would  not fight back?

5.    He has very bad  advisers, mouth diarrhea, disrespectful and deaf ears. What do you expect, when a man surrounded himself with rogues and selfish people called Special ADVISORS. Ohakim Commissioners were desk job Commissioners, except the LGA Commissioner a known 419ner. So how can  a Commissioner deliver when that commissioner has nothing to show  his people that he or she is in government?  Many Commissioners cannot afford diesel to power their offices because funds were not made available to them. Even ink to print papers were lacking, many commissioners will type their documents at business centers or ask the beneficiary of the papers to take their letterhead to print and bring back for their signatures.  Ask anyone that ever visited Ministries or works there and they will tell you how hot the offices are. The rogue SAs were all 419 people. Just name them and check their records its all in the open. People in Imo State and Commissioners all knew that the state is flat broke.

6.    On Thursday April 28, 2011, as the anger over the losses were being deliberated at Emma Ohakim's office, he sent a text  broadcast to all their supporters and said, “……….do or die Rochas will not be the governor of Imo state, Ohakim is leading.” Then one of the Special Advisors, Barr. Anumobi that was with him asked Emma do you think Rochas will probe Ohakim if he wins, Emma replied absolutely yes. Emma said just look at Rochas outburst in every event that the man would and could. Then the Special Advisor said, well, Former Military Administrator of Imo state -Zubairu burnt handover files, Udenwa burnt handover files before fully handing over to Ohakim at his residence and office, that Ohakim has the right to burn the handover files if he loses. Emma jokily said to him, we already got them packed ready to burn them. So it is on record that since the Military Administrator of Imo state Zubairu there were no records of handover files till date. How the Military Administrators, Evans Enwerem, Achike Udenwa used Imo state funds remain mysteries only found n the ashes. Imo state and security agents are forewarned that Ohakim has said they got all the files packed and ready to burn them. Ohakim’s wife has taken over many sensitive documents in the government House away from the prying eyes of the authorized workers, who normally control those files.

So including other sins individually committed by those around Ohakim, thugs,  taskforce members and those named here, how could anyone be in doubt of  his loss? Imo state has 27 Local Governments and 17 House members lost (representing  17 Local Governments were stopped at the Primary), how can Ohakim win in those 17 easily? In the result of INEC so far released, APGA has won 16  House of Assembly seats representing 16 Local governments, is there a surprise in  this OHAKIMATICS?

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