It is unthinkable that the former Speaker Bankole and his Deputy were involved defrauding the state of such huge sums of money. If that is so, can anyone tell me why the Senate President, David Mark and his Deputy should not be investigated even now on seat? Our polity must be rid of criminals.

It is still fresh in our minds how the former Delta State governor James Ibori called the shots with impunity during Umaru Yar’Adua’s tenure as if he was a saint. No sooner had Yar’Adua died and the then bubble burst with former Attorney General of the Federation, Aondoakaa, becoming the first to fall but Ibori escaped with the aid of security and anti-graft agencies. EFCC boss, Farida Waziri, is now being revealed as Ibori’s lawyer when Ribadu held sway as the EFCC boss. 
We were all witnesses to the type of looting (N20billion) recovered from the then sitting Inspector General of Police, Tafa Balogun. What is the guarantee that all the past Police bosses did not enrich themselves to much more than Tafa Balogun?
Even with the current Police boss; a strong allegation has made against him in which he was allegedly bribed with a whopping N500million by a south-south governor in order not to tamper with posting of the State’s Police Commissioner who probably together with other security agencies’ heads and INEC allegedly helped the governor to to rig election that is now under election tribunal investigations.
 The IGP should take the recent bombing of his headquarters as a sign that he should turn a new leaf in order to avoid the wrath of God that will be set upon him. He should be held responsible for provoking the Boko Haram attack on the Louis Edet House; when he was not ready he boasted that the sect has only ten days before being eradicated. Those ones reacted under two days thereafter and Ringim was saved by whisker.
What can one also say about the former Imo Governor, Ohakim, former Ogun Governor Daniel (though now back), and the former Oyo Governor, Akala – all ran away under the watchful eyes of the EFCC, the SSS, the Police and the ICPC as if we Nigerians are robots and do not have brains to perceive that only few crooks are being prosecuted while majority of the crooks are still walking the streets somewhere on this earth.
 These types of brazen looting of the treasuries by politicians are still on-going with most sitting governors hiding under immunity to continue with the impunity. Most politicians need go for psychiatric examination. 
There are dethroned governors like those of Ondo, Ekiti, Osun, and Edo who have never been asked to render account of their fraudulent stewardships. There are also some second term governors facing election tribunals and may be planning to escape; now the EFCC and other anti-graft agencies would not perfect their expected proactive stance.  
Chief Barnabas Osuanlele/Ikpoba Slope/Benin City/Edo State
[email protected]

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