Clara Chime (Enugu First Lady) was busy battling Governor Sullivan Chime to remove his female Chief of Staff, Ifeoma Nwobodo.  Ifeoma Nwobodo was a former finance clerk at Nike Lake Resort Hotel in Enugu and a mistress of Governor Sullivan Chime.

Unknown to the first lady, Sullivan Chime had a secret romance with the first lady’s blood younger sister, Ebere Igwe. A little bit of light needed to be shed into Ebere Igwe’s upbringing. Ebere Igwe is a graduate of the notorious and infamous Abia State University where all forms bizarre sex and drugs are traded for cheap prices. Incidentally, Orji Uzor Kalu patronized many of these campus girls with money for sex when he was a student at this university and the governor of the state. To shed more light on some of the shady characters that attends this university.

Earlier last week, chief priest of Okonko cult, Chief Emenike Umogariko  sacrificed a 200- level cult student of Political Science of the Abia State University (ABSU), Uturu at the altar of the cult in Umuopara village, Mkpa , Bende Local Government Area of Abia State. The victim, Ekenna Sunday Ugochukwu, had the left side of his face (including his ear) cutoff before he died. We all know the story of the now infamous Abia five gang rapists and the list goes on.

Ebere is the younger sister of Clara Chime, the governor’s wife and first lady of Enugu state. The extra-marital affairs between Governor Chime and his sister-in-law recently produced a baby boy. The romance between Governor Chime and Ebere, started shortly after he married Clara Igwe in October 2008. The lavish traditional marriage at Isuochi home town of the Igwe’s cost the state government over 500 million naira, not minding the fact that Chime was marrying Clara as a second wife having divorced his first wife from Ogakwu family in Udi town where he hails from. Immediately after the ceremony, Clara moved into the Governor’s lodge with Ebere her younger sister who just graduated from Abia State University. Unknown to the first lady, this was the beginning of an affair between her husband and Ebere.

Few months after, the first lady noticed that the Governor was flirting around with Ebere all the time and became suspicious of them. Not wanting to lose her husband to her younger sister, the first lady suggested that her sister should go abroad for her masters. However, by the time Ebere left the country for her masters’ programme abroad, she was already into a deep relationship with the Governor. She benefited a brand new Toyota car and frequent overseas trips from the relationship which continued even while she was studying abroad.

The affair however blew open few months ago when Ebere returned to the country after her studies abroad and told the first lady that she was pregnant for the governor. Clara was so shocked to the point that she suffered a mental disorder. The first lady was taken to Rev.Fr. Njoku’s Upper Room Ministries at Emene, Enugu for healing and when her mental state could not improve, her mother took her to a native doctor who succeeded in stabilizing her mind. During the period of the first lady’s mental ordeal, her only son suffered serious sickness to the point it entered his brain. There are fears that the boy was poisoned to get rid of her and her mother.
The first lady thereafter told her younger sister to abort the pregnancy, but she refused. The first lady sent thugs after her younger sister, and when the governor got wind of the plan, he made special security arrangements for her.  To make sure that the pregnancy was not tampered with, the governor sent Ebere to the United States where she eventually delivered a baby boy recently. However, the first lady swore not to allow her younger sister to come into the government house again. Ebere’s whereabouts remain unknown at the moment. The scandal has forced the first lady to maintain a low profile to the point that she sends either the wife of the Secretary to State Government or Speaker of the House of assembly to represent her in public functions. She no longer attends her weekly prayer programme.

The latest scandal marked the climax of Governor Chime’s sex escapades. A few days before the last election, he was battered by a jealous husband at Permanent Secretaries quarters behind Enugu Government House. He had sneaked in for a show with a female permanent secretary who he monetized a home for, not knowing that the husband was on red alert. The man manhandled the governor. On several occasions the first lady suffered public embarrassment trying to recover Porsche cars her husband acquired for young campus girls using state funds.

It also common knowledge in Enugu that Chime keeps permanent suits in hotels in Enugu like Golden Tulip and Neo-Court where he meets girls, at times in groups to satiate his libido, comparable only to that of former President, Olusegun Obasanjo. Besides, he is known as a regular customer to night clubs and often soaks himself with alcohol.

His sexual escapades made most people in Enugu who were before now praising his urban road rehabilitation, to become very critical of his administration.

For instance Enugu residents complain that Enugu has about nineteen thousand workers in the state and the governor cannot pay minimum wage, yet he spends millions on luxury cars for girls.
Most men from Enugu are now going to other states to find future wives as they fear the governor has made Enugu girls unmarriageable.

Nota Bene and Challenge:
i)    I challenge Clara Chime and Sullivan Chime to issue a statement denying the content of this work .
       ii)    Most Enugu university girls and mistresses of the governor that benefitted expensive cars from            the governor will attack this work with suicidal anger.

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