My sincere comments to your story posted on Internet yesterday. Am sad and have pity on the people making wild comments out of their self-made ignorance. I guess everyone in Nigeria has now joined in the bad acts called politics. Am however encouraged to write because i know the truth from the position of self-acquired knowledge.

The Ajegunle Community Primary School which is in a border area near Idiroko, is a community-established school, fully owned and statutorily operated by the community, where Govt will only  approve the intention and demand for its creation and give necessary and appropriate supports every year. But the State & LG officials especially the civil servants must statutorily regulate, monitor and maintain the set standards including structures at all times. Am not sure of the age of these fotos, but can deduce that the local arrangements seen therein, must have been a make shift, sequel to an emergency situation. Because for the school compound to have been fenced round as shown, there must have existed previously, some block wall  building structures. Did all the buildings collapsed at the same time? Whatever it is, the local Govt and the State Min of Education- monitoring units must speak now.

By the way, am aware that a lot of rehabilitations, re-building, re-roofing etc, with standard red- roof galvanized coverings materials on numerous classrooms were executed by OGD's administration, while all the various local govts executives also commissioned several blocks of classrooms built from day one, till the economic strangulation of Ogun State in 2009 by the inglorious  G-15 of the house of assembly. Recall the unreasonableness of this legislature, which was strategically sponsored and fully financed by ACN/Amosun from Lagos then, just to bring down OGD's administration. Now that they are in power, we are yet to see direction of purpose and responsible governance almost 200days in office. What have they done to correct this Ajegunle problem and others that are outstanding in the collective offort of State building of  Osobas/OGD's. Am aware that two blocks of classrooms collapsed due to effect of flooding and torrential rains in Ifo and imeko-Afon lgs recently (act of God). Amosun or ACN or is it ANPP now, should confirm any action since then.

Remember Ogun State has the highest number of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Despite all OGD's rehabilitation efforts in all the 236 wards of the State, he also reduced the students/teachers ratio from 1:45 to 1:26, nearly at par with UN's set standard of 1:25. In Osoba's 2+4 years tenure and OGD's 8yrs period in office, both couldn't have cleaned-up the mess of earlier 50years. I submit, there must be work in progress for everyone in power, as governance is a continuum. The ACN Govt of Ogun State, has set record of being the 1st Govt in history for Maximum Shadow Chasing(MSC)-No direction- No policy or Policy Sumersaulting. This ACN gov, should stop playing politics and face governance with the seriousness that Ogun State is noted for and which they voted for. Let him tell the world what he has used the $7m the Ogun State Govt has recently earned from OKLNG's, an initiative of OGD's, which he and his godfathers earlier condemned and referred to as white elephant projects, during the electioneering campaigns. What about the =N=7.5b earned from the Aug and Sept fed allocations respectively? The first highest amount earned in a succession of two months in the history of the State. Perhaps the huge money he is spending on chartered aircraft trips, every time is going to Abuja and Australia, could be re-deployed to some of these outstanding schools rehabilitations that require immediate and urgent attention. The reasoning of the unnecessary dualisation of a 2.1kms of already dualised Oke-sokori road in his Owu clan with =N=1.9b, is still a misery to some of us. I am also not sure that the dishing out of big contracts to Lagos contractors to plant flowers like it's done in Lagos State, as against using direct hiring of unemployed labors ( on plant-wet-maintain basis) for horticulture works, is the Ogun State answer to economic empowerment challenges which suddenly have crept back since he was sworn in as Ogun Governor. Or how can anyone explain the reasoning for issuing quit notice to Dr Wale Babalakin's Bi-Courtney Ashphalt Plant, on a location on the Lagos- Ibadan Expressway thereby hampering the smooth progress on the rehabilitation works on the expressway? Only for Amosun to erect a senseless and unexplainable one-sided 75m long wall fence-without entrance gate, to signify and confirm the State government presence as "power show" only.
We are counting days, compiling documents and waiting patiently for Amosun's D-Day.

We are aware that nobody seems to be in a position around Amosun and ACN, that have the guts, to caution and advise him correctly or to redirect him to the serious governance ahead except Osoba and Tinubu. He treats the Ogun Elders with disrespect while the Royal majesties/Highnesses have distant themselves. However Osoba normally display disgust and displeasure on Amosun's ways of governance only at his back, but receives "plent gratifications" for his open and comical support at all times. The only sincere and truthfully person around is the intelligent Deputy Governor of the State, whom the governor has been treating with disdain every time.

He was even locked out recently from his office. A repeat of Tinubu/Kofo Akerele-Bucknor saga of 1999-2001, you may wonder? We are watching the scenario though, with the turn out marvelous in our eyes but pray for the other way round, on behalf of the good people of Ogun State. The Ogun State electorate definitely did not bargain for this play out resulting from  their "vote for change". I predict that this bad governance will continue until the "voting out project" of the coming April 2015 elections becomes realized in Jesus name. Because an unintelligent and empty person can never be saved especially from a position like this. He can only be saved from further embarrassment if he is removed or resign. Since this fellow can never resign, he can only be removed by another election. Work in progress you can assert and conclude.

Kayode Bankole
Ogun State Shadow Secretary
Socio-Economic & Political Affairs

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